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President’s Message April 2021

President’s Message:

New Info!

Here it is nearly the end of April and here in Western Colorado we haven’t seen too much rain so I guess the flowers will suffer in May. It’s been a very dry year for us and a snowy winter on the Front Range of Colorado. Thankfully it has snowed in the San Juan Mountains which will provide our farmers with ample irrigation water to grow their crops.

DDry weather has its upside in that we have been riding for over two months now. I ride with the American Legion Riders Post 73 in Montrose, Colo. We have made our theme for this year to bring continued awareness to the 22 a Day movement, helping to prevent the loss of veterans and active-duty military to suicide. Each of our rides support the 22 a Day theme with patches given to those who ride with us in support of this important mission – a mission many at RFTW share. 


Many of the ALR riders have purchased the new RFTW 22 long-sleeve shirts that fit perfectly with our mission. Ray Brammer, the RFTW merchandise director, designed the shirts and has them for sale in the RFTW store in long sleeve and short sleeve styles. Run For The Wall is developing a new patch in support of this mission which will be available in the store soon. Remember, 100 percent of the money RFTW raises goes toward bringing awareness to veteran and active-duty military issues.

I would be remiss to leave out Angie Uhler and Ed Holterman who have been advocates for this important mission to end veteran/military suicides. There are thousands of other products available on the Internet public domain supporting this cause. Thanks to all for stepping up to educate our citizens in the effort to end these deaths.

As we approach our first month of fund raising to help Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) build a home for a severely injured veteran, I want to thank those who have participated and encourage everyone to continue to help us reach our goal of $25,000. The $25,000 we raise will be matched by an additional $25,000, then that $50,000 will be matched by another foundation for a total of $100,000.

You may say this is a lofty goal and you would be correct but how many other veteran groups do you know who accomplish what Run For The Wall does?  Most of you have seen what these homes do for severely wounded veteran and family and because of that our riders and supporters have donated $5,300 or 21 percent of our goal as of April 25.

As you may know there are three pathways to donate to this worthy cause. Any one will work and riders and supporters have been using all three:

  1. Donate button
  2. Checks mailed to RFTW Treasurer Ken “Catfish” Ward, 675-N Deis Drive, Unit #266, Fairfield, Ohio 45014
  3. Donations made through the RFTW Facebook fundraiser

The numbers I mentioned above are from the Facebook Fundraiser and the mail-in donations sent to Treasurer Ken “Catfish” Ward with HFOT in the memo line. Remember to make a notation on your check or RFTW Donation online that you want the money to go to Homes For Our Troops. We are looking at the donations already made to ensure they are going where you want. If you donated already but did not make a note on it for HFOT, drop Ken Ward an email.

I hope to have all the pathway donations for you next month. For now, I just want to say how impressed I am with you all for your generosity and devotion to our troops who are in need. With this effort I recalled vividly the money raised to help the folks of Houston, Texas after Hurricane Harvey destroyed thousands of homes. Moreover, the memories of an RFTW-wide effort to help buy winter clothing for the children of Rainelle, West Virginia, after a disastrous 500-year flood come to mind.

Then there are the memories from all the years of route donations given to needy school children along the way – help they need to succeed. Run For The Wall riders and supporters love America and her citizens.

And who could forget the help following the tornado in the Cookeville, Tenn., area. Midway Route Tennessee assistant state coordinator Ed Butler said he was honored to represent RFTW at a special recognition of our support earlier this month.

Then there are the memories from all the years of route donations given to needy school children along the way – help they need to succeed. Run For The Wall riders and supporters love America and her citizens.

I am humbled by all you do to help where you can and the gifts you bring to Run For The Wall. My sincere gratitude goes out to you all.

Respectfully Submitted,
Les “Easy” Williams
RFTW BOD President