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President’s Message August 2017

In July 2017 the Board of Directors met during the Springfield, Missouri, All-Routes Reunion and completed the 2018 slate of Route Coordinators and Assistant Route Coordinators.

The Southern RC is Chad “Slacker” O’Dell and his ARC is Billie “Bugs” Dunlap. The Midway RC is Mike “Bandit” Huber with ARC Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner. Finishing out the slate for the Central Route is RC Harlan “Whitebirch” Olson and ARC Eamon “Boomer” Tansey. Since that meeting the BoD and these route leaders have continued the planning for the 30th Annual Run For The Wall. We are all looking forward to a great celebration year and these leaders will be working hard to produce a safe and professional run for everyone in 2018.

I hope this message finds you having a great riding season and planning trips to the next two All-Route Reunions. Remember, All are welcome at these reunions… Past riders, new FNGs, and supporters of Run for the Wall.

The RFTW Eagle Nest/Angel Fire, New Mexico Reunion will be held on Friday, Sept. 1 — Sunday, Sept. 3. This is both a fun and moving time and involves some work for the Memorial at Angel Fire, installing memorial bricks on Saturday and completing the day with a great dinner in Eagle Nest. Check out the registration forms on our web forum and respond to Steve Berniklau NLT August 30th — Click Here. You will receive a confirming email after you register. It is necessary for the people preparing the dinner to know how much food to prepare.

The last reunion for the year will be in Kerrville, Texas, and they are planning many rides through the hill country of Texas which reveals ranch land that goes as far as one can see! Cowboy and his crew are waiting to show you all this Texas cattle country and its beautiful western scenery. Please check out the registration information on our web forum and let Cowboy know you’re coming! — Click Here. This is a wonderful weekend Sept. 22– Sept. 24. Try to attend.

While attending other events this summer, I have been happy to hear our riders telling me about the motorcycle training courses they have taken to improve their skills. I think keeping riding skills sharp is very important and keeps us all safe. These training sessions can give you a chance to practice new skills throughout the winter for those of us blessed with very little snow or ice. Our statistics show our skills in slow riding and departing the highway for fuel and lunch stops has seen many preventable incidents along all three routes. The point is be safe and keep improving your skills.

Hope to see you at all these reunions and remember, “We Ride for Those Can’t.”

Please keep our troops in your prayers: They are in harm’s way every day while deployed. Reach out to the ones you know and welcome them to join us even if it’s for just one day.

Thanks to those who have written me with ideas on how to make us younger and better!

Keep up the good work.

Les “Easy” Williams
Run for The Wall Board of Directors

*Photo Courtesy of The Book “Run for the Wall – A Journey to the Vietnam Memorial”©