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President’s Message Important Update!

President's Message

Good Morning to All the RFTW Family from Tennessee!

There was BoD meeting last night a quick update from that meeting is in order. I would like to highlight a few of the results of the meeting for everyone!


RFTW will participate in the Key Ceremony for Marine Cpl Yevgeniy “Yev” Shenker when ‘Homes For Our Troops’ presents him with the keys to his new home.  The event date is Saturday, September 24.  Mark your Calendar! Our POC is Michael “Chatters” Giannetta (phone # 520-254-2322 and email    RFTW is providing the escort of Marine Cpl Yevgeniy “Yev” Shenker to his new home for the “Key Ceremony”.  For those in Phoenix area nothing is required just Show-up for staging at 9AM.  The location is Heart Cry Church, 9339 W Hunt HWY, Queen Creek, AZ 85142.  Plan to come-out and join the RFTW Family as part of this great event!


Registration on the RFTW website (WWW.RFTW.US) will open 11 SEP 2022, 08:45AM EDT for the XXXIII, 2023 Run. Register early!


A tiered registration fee structure was approved.  This provides a cost benefit for riders who early-register.  The cost for registration for the 2023 ride will be:

RFTW Route Fees 2023

*Note: There is not a separate process for Sandbox or Combined Route registration (one stop registration for any option!  Thanks to Ted Kapner and Billie Dunlap)


Planning is progressing well for all the Routes.  All the Route Leadership teams are in-place.  If you wish to join one of the teams on your selected Route(s), go to the website ( to determine which team lead you need to contact directly or complete one of the volunteer forms for your route selection (Staging, Fueling, Advance, or Platoon Leadership).  Becoming part of one of the various teams helps all your fellow riders and the overall success of the run.  We are all volunteers.  That is what makes it all possible!


Ontario, CA is still undecided. While hotel and other support element planning is going well, the insurance requirements have yet to be locked in.  Again, just to reassure everyone, we will definitely not be using the same host hotel in Ontario.

I encourage each of you to practice your riding and packing in preparation for 2023 now! Let’s arrive in CA, ride the Ride, and return home safely.  It is up to you to ride within your capabilities and competency.  Let’s make 2023 our safest year, no accidents or incidents should be our ‘Motto’.

I especially look forward to meeting and talking with as many of you as possible, hopefully, in Queen Creek for the Key Ceremony.  Have a Great Day.  God Bless you and your family.  Always ride safe till then!

Is it May yet?


SkyRon ‘Sky’ King
President, RFTW Board of Directors

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