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President’s Message – May 2018

These messages from me, started in July 2017 as RFTW continued the planning process for this 30th Annual Run For The Wall. In a blink of an eye it is now May. I wanted to give a loud shout out to all the volunteers across the country for their tireless work to make our mission successful. To the leadership of all the routes, state coordinators, riders, and all the American citizens who support us across the nation, you have our undying gratitude for your support. We could not accomplish this mission without you. If anyone looks deep into the heart of Run For The Wall, they will find the above patriots working diligently throughout the year to make this mission stronger each year.

Just a reminder that the Pre-Run Ontario itinerary is also posted on each of the “route hubs” on the website, click on Run Info. If you have any questions about the start of our mission, that’s the place to get answers. Since the days in Ontario are a dynamic time, we have made a few changes in the past week to that schedule. The only cancellation we have, as of this writing, is the First Aid class. All other events are still on. If you have signed up for the Riverside National Cemetery run, you will find it a great way to start RFTW 2018. It’s a solemn reminder of why “We Ride for Those That Can’t.” If you are a registered rider you can join this wonderful mission. It is scheduled for staging at 0730 on Tuesday, May 15. There will be a riders meeting at 0830, and you will depart at 0900. These events will be adjacent to the Gateway Host Hotel on E. Guasti Rd.

We have talked a great deal this year about safety and focus on rider skills. For those riding to Ontario and those joining at any of our overnight stops, use these “Run To The Run” trips to begin keeping safety and focus foremost in your minds. Although we cannot predict the weather, you can be sure to find anything from hot and dry, to cold and raining (or even a little frost) during this mission. Check the day’s weather on your mission and prepare yourself accordingly. Once your day begins on the routes, your leadership does not stop if it begins to rain. We only stop for fueling, meals and overnight stays.

Our mission officially ends at the apex of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. However, an escort to Rolling Thunder will stage early Sunday morning for RFTW riders wishing to join in that demonstration.  See the back pages of any of the detailed route itineraries for times, etc.

Just a quick reminder to everyone: Our hotels and towns we visit are very important to RFTW. Be patient with hotel employees and keep these locations clean. Motorcycle parking at hotel overhangs is a violation of the fire codes in all towns we visit. Please do not park under these porticos.

Moreover, remember the donated meals and fuel are not free – patriotic American citizens work hard to provide these donated items to RFTW, so feel free to express your gratitude to those folks.

See you all in Ontario, or along the road and Welcome Home!

Les “Easy” Williams
Run For The Wall Board of Directors

P.S. Rumor has it Deano will be singing his “Nobody Knows” song that everyone loved last year and other songs in Ontario—look for him near the Merchandise trailer.