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RFTW BoD Town Hall Zoom – Video Recording Now Available

Greetings from Texas – again!

The RFTW Board of Directors Town Hall Zoom Call attendance had as many as 117 unique sign-ins with many more people in attendance.  We had a brief participant limit glitch that unfortunately prevented some people from logging in – I sincerely apologize for that and hope that you’ll watch the video.  Overall, the meeting was a great success with very direct presentations and discussions, followed by some very pointed questions.  If your question wasn’t addressed or you would like more info, PLEASE write directly to one or more of the Board members and they will write you back.  You can find the full list of BoD members along with their e-mail addresses here.  We’re already looking forward to do another Town Hall sometime after the first of the year to keep you all informed on current preparation and planning.

The video recording for the Town Hall meeting is now available for viewing.  It will be soon loaded onto our server so that it will remain available but until then I want to get it out quickly as possible for those who may have missed the meeting:

RFTW BoD Town Hall Zoom Call Recording

Feed back received so far has been overwhelmingly positive for the event.  Your participation and interest is what made that meeting a success – just like it’s your efforts that make our Run a success.  As was mentioned at the meeting, it’s the Board’s job to make it available, but it’s your job to to make it happen!  Is it May yet?


Billie "Bugs" DunlapBillie “Bugs” Dunlap
Run For The Wall
Vice-President & Chairman of the Board
RFTW XXXII SandBox Route Coordinator
RFTW XXXI Southern Route Coordinator


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