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Rupert “Preacher” Harrell

Name:  Rupert Harrell

Road Name:  Preacher

FNG Year  2014

How many All the Way/Participant? 5

 Which Route (Routes)?   Central

What is your favorite Run for the Wall memory?  FNG year riding into Arlington National Cemetery as a Chaplain then helping veterans at the Wall.

Positions held as a volunteer on the Run?  Chaplain

Military Background if any or relationships with Military? Yes Army and family members that have served

Gold Star or Blue Star family member? Yes Uncle in Korea and Cousin in Viet Nam

What got you to do the RFTW the first time?  Chaplain Duane Gryder had been after me for sometime and I was always ministering on Memorial Day in uniform and one year I didn’t have a service and did the ride.

What brought you back?   The camaraderie and being able to minister to veterans of all wars since I have family that has fought in all wars.

Have you participated in Rolling Thunder?  No

Are you planning on Rolling to Remember (AMVETS Replacement for Rolling Thunder)?  No

Brief Synopsis of “WHY YOU RIDE”  I ride because I love veterans, active duty and love ministering to them because I’ve been where they have been plus I’m the son, grandson, nephew, Dad, uncle and brother-in-law of veterans.

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