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Southern Route 2017 Day 10

Lynchburg VA – Arlington VA 255 miles

My electronics are not firing on all cylinders. I managed to get my iPad working. Sit-rep will still be abbreviated. More to follow when I get a working laptop.  Possibly dYs of sit-reps. I have so much yet to share.

Day began even earlier than normal when we gathered for the final morning meeting at the Tree of Life ministries.

Final rider’s meeting

Team leaders that attended every conference call were thanked and recognized.

Billie “Bugs” Dunlap was recognized and thanked for The Lockheed donation of $7,500. The platoon challenge raised $5,490.

The Virginia State Troopers that escorted us to Arlington Va were recognized and thanked.

Virginia State Troopers ????

And finally, the coveted Arlington zip ties were handed out to the FNGs. Don’t forget to bring something to rest your kickstand on. If you don’t your bike will fall  over on the wet grass. Please be respectful while at Arlington, no loud music or pipes. If you talk too loud at the tomb, the guards will holler at you, and I mean holler.

Handing out Arlington zip ties

Ghost Rider asked for riders to consider giving back to Run for the Wall by volunteering to be a Road Guard. To qualify you must have been all the way two years. If interested email Ghost Rider. Captain America encouraged riders to consider volunteering for platoon leadership. If interested email him at Run for the Wall doesn’t just happen! We need volunteers! There are more hurting veterans that need the run. Help us give them the healing experience of the run. You can always email me here and I will forward it on. WE NEED YOU????????????????????????????????

We pulled out of Lynchburg right on time. The first couple legs were a little cold but we were dry and thankful for it. We rode through the Shenandoah Valley and it was magnificent. A 3,000 mile motorcycle ride gives you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this great nation.

The final gas stop was in Front Royal. After water and a delicious peanut butter & jelly sandwich a brief rider’s meeting was held to discuss the ride into the Holiday Inn and to give instructions for the ride into Arlington on Saturday. Ghost Rider also explained the turning of the FNG pin, the photo at the Lincoln Memorial and the placing of the “mission accomplished” plaque at The Vietnam Memorial. Riders were dismissed to the bikes to complete the journey across The United States.

Ghost Rider pointing the way to Arlington, VA

After the number of platoon leaders that missed off ramps, interchanges and on ramps, I think Ghost Rider felt the need to confirm the direction we were headed????????????????????????

Southern Route pulled into much cheering and many welcome home hugs. The mission is not accomplished until we go to The Wall tomorrow. See you then.

Two quotes tonight, one comes from Ghost Rider at the morning meeting, “surround yourself with knowledgeable people and they will make you look good.” He was referring to the team captains and what an excellent job they did. Amen to that!

“We sleep safely at night because rough me. Stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us” Winston Churchill

Welcome Home

Kristine “Eyes” Wood

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