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Southern Route 2017 – Day 3

Las Cruces, NM – Odessa, TX 345 Miles

Every year the run is different and every leg of every run is different.Today’s run certainly qualifies as different. This year the Southern Route decided to try something new, at least new to the Southern Route, I hear other routes already do it. What they do is switch up the order the platoons ride in the pack. For example, on Day 1, Platoon 1 rides at the front, on Day 2, the first Platoon goes to the very back of the pack and Platoon 2 rides at the front. Yesterday was day 2 and my Platoon was at the front, which is why I had such a fantastically good day. Well today was day 3 so platoon 2 was at the very back, behind the trikes, behind the can-ams and behind the trailers.

Now picture this, you have Platoons one and two at the very back of the pack, I think I better not tell that story. Let’s just say that on one leg I rode tail gunner. I was the last of the last, back of the pack. By the time I got into the fuel stop, gassed up, gulped down some water it was time to leave again. I didn’t have a chance to gather any material for a decent sit-rep. I can tell you the weather was good. Not really too warm. The food I gulped down was good. The people were friendly.

After a yummy breakfast provided by the American Legion Post 10 the mandatory morning meeting was held. As part of the morning meeting a hero of the day is shared. Today’s hero is Chris Kyle, U.S. Navy Seal and legendary sniper. Chris served four tours in the Iraq war and was awarded several commendations for acts of heroism and meritorious service in combat. During his four tours, he was shot twice and survived six separate IED detonations.

Chris was honorably discharged in 2009. After his service, he eventually paired with FITCO Cares Foundation, which helps veterans with disabilities or those suffering from PTSD. He also wrote his autobiography, “American Sniper,” an outstanding, gut-wrenching book, in which