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Southern Route, 2017, Day 9 – Addendum

So happy to have functioning electronics again, the extended warranty has sure paid off this year. As promised here is a little more information, videos and photos from Day 9 on the Southern Route.

All of the riders were so happy to have the sun come out Thursday morning. It was nice and warm while we waited for the students to come out for the meet and greet. As you can see from the photos, we were not entirely convinced the rain had stopped, rain gear aplenty! The sun was so welcome and so warm, it was wonderful.

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Old School giving instruction at the morning briefing.

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Finally the children came out and the riders enjoyed shaking hands with the students and exchanging goodies. The students sang to the group and then went back to school. This was their last day of school. Fitting way to end the school year.

General’s Driver & Lt. Dan, enjoyed the student’s performance of “Bring Him Peace”. Everyone was happy to see General’s Driver and thrilled to meet Lt. Dan.

We staged on the street and pulled out of Wytheville with much flag waving and fanfare. Next stop Montvale Elementary School, lunch and student assembly. The assembly got off to a rousing start with the students chanting USA-USA and the riders chanting Montvale-Montvale.

The kindergartners sang “This Little Light of Mine” So stinkin’ cute!

The older students sang “We Honor You – The Heroes of Red-White-Blue.

Captain awarded a grant in the amount of $750 to Kirston Dooley.

From Montvale we rode to the D-Day Memorial. In my opinion, it’s one of the prettiest legs of the 3,000 mile journey to DC. Riding through the Blue Ridge Mountains is breathtaking. We were all so glad that it was NOT raining!

Riders had plenty of time to wander around the D-Day Memorial, to take photos and watch the wreath laying ceremony. After which, we took platoon photos and a group photo.

Southern Route – Group Photo – Taken By photography by Jerry. Thank you Jerry for snapping one with my phone. Jerry has been uploading pictures to Facebook. I think as of today there are 1,000 uploaded. Much better imagery than what my cell phone can do. Thanks Jerry!

From the D-Day Memorial we had a short ride over the the Harley Davidson of Lynchburg where we had a delicious dinner of pulled-pork sandwiches.

I have enjoyed writing the sit-reps this year. It’s been fun to capture the days happenings and share them with you, the readers. Thank you to all of you that have reached out to me and let me know you read the sit-reps. It’s nice to know, they’re actually being read.

Next sit-rep will be from Kerrville, Texas in September. We are looking forward to meeting up with everyone again! In the meantime, have a great summer, stay safe!

One final quote: “On the battlefield, the military pledges to leave no soldier behind. As a nation, let it be our pledge that when they return home, we leave no veteran behind.” Don Lipinski

Kristine “Eyes” Wood