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Southern Route 2017, Day 9

Wytheville VA – Lynchburg VA 130 Miles

Finally a dry day!!! We have taken to calling Ghost Rider, Rain Dancer. My electronics still aren’t working. I’ll do the best I can on my phone.  As soon as I get a working computer I will amend and enhance the final few days of sit-reps.

Day 9 began in a very wet Wytheville Memorial Park. Before too long, the sun came out and began drying everything out. It was heavenly!

General’s Driver gave a $2,000 donation for a Spiller Elementary School grant.

The children sang Bring him Peace. I am not able to add links to the sit-rep from my phone. You can view the video on my Instagram account, RFTWthebook or my Facebook page, Run for the Wall – A Journey to the Vietnam Memorial. I will upload them here as soon as possible.

After the visit in Wytheville, we headed to Montvale Elementary School. The ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway was spectacular. After the rain storm everything was Clean and sweet smelling. The sun was shining which made for a perfect ride.

Once we arrived at Montvale,  we enjoyed a box lunch, a musical performance and a slide show. The school principal was presented with a Run for the Wall plaque and a check for $3,000 for a grant. Another grant was awarded to Kirstin Dooley in the amount of $750. Kirsten will be majoring in biology in the fall.

We then rode 13 miles to the D-Day Memorial. We enjoyed viewing the exhibits and the beautiful scenery. A Route photograph was taken as well as platoon photos. Like I said, I’ll post them as soon as I can.

It was then onto Harley Davidson Lynchburg for pulled pork sandwiches, t-shirts and the repair shop.

Every year I make notes on things I want to remember for next year. The 2017 list of things to remember for 2018 goes something like this:

* waterproof rain gear, isn’t waterproof

* HD tour packs are not waterproof

* put all electronics in double dry bags

*bring an extra laptop

Tonight’s quote, which I wholeheartedly agree with, “There are two ways to do something. The right way and again.” The Navy Seals

Ride safe into D.C. Tomorrow. Looking forward to visiting friends on other routes and hearing how their ride went.

Good night, ride safe????????????❤️

Kristine “Eyes” Wood