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Southern Route Coordinator News – April 2020 Special Edition

It seems as though we cannot catch a break.  We are all disappointed that the 2020 Run was cancelled.  But starting early Easter morning our folks along the Southern Route are dealing with a much bigger disaster.  This massive storm system appears to be following our Route, spawning tornadoes, high winds and large-scale flooding.  Monroe, LA, one of our favorite overnight stops, was hard hit damaging 200-300 homes.  I watched Mayor Jamie Mayo on Fox News this morning, it was nice to hear his calming and confident message reminding us “We are Stronger Together”.  Jackson, MS has suffered several deaths, and some residents are still missing.  Chattanooga, TN was also not spared.  As of a few hours ago, they are reporting 8 lives lost and dozens hospitalized.   Add to that, over 150 homes and businesses damaged.  They can be replaced, lives cannot.

So, what can we do now.  We can pray for those suffering, those on the front lines and those that are still in the storm’s path.  Collectively, We and Prayer are a powerful force.   At some point we will see where other help will be needed. 

Until then, Stay Safe, Stay Well and RFTW STRONG.

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