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Southern Route Coordinator News January 2021 Part 2 **Special**

Greetings to ALL Registered RFTW Riders.

Our Registration Team needs your help.  It seems that over 500 of us who have registered in 2020, now have items such as Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration and/or Insurance that will expire before May 19, 2021.  The good news is that we can easily correct this.  Just simply follow the directions below:

Changes that need to be made on your existing pre-registration form (new bike, updated expiration dates on license, insurance, route change, etc.) should be directed to the newly established Contact Form category.  

  1. Enter your Name and Email Address.
  2. The Message box should contain ONLY CHANGES TO YOUR REGISTRATION FORM
  3. under Where should this contact be directed? Click the circle labeled “RFTW 2021 – Registration Revisions
  4.  Since you are not a robot, check the box appropriately.
  5. Submit 

The registration team will monitor these contact emails, revise your existing form and re-send it to you.    They will do this until the cut-off date of April 30th, 2021.

If you see that you will NOT be participating in the 2021 Run, please complete a “Contact Form” under the same category and advise them.   They will then delete your registration, so that accurate participant numbers can be obtained.   This is critical information to the Route Coordinators, so please contact them if you are unable to go.  Thank you for your help.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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Southern Route Coordinator News – January 2021 Part 1

Hi Everybody,

Well, we are only 128 days before Kick Stands Up (KSU).  The Southern Route Hotel List was posted On-Time with only one minor glitch, which was fixed before most riders even saw it.  BUT, for some reason there are a few riders who think we were still stopping in Chandler, AZ on Day 1.  The correct answer is Casa Grande, AZ.

If you have looked at our website, you will have noticed that the Southern Route pre-registration number is at 455.  I really appreciate the enthusiasm, so we may be looking to expand the number of platoons rather than overcrowd.  With that said we are seeking potential volunteers within Platoon Leadership.  Applicants must have gone All The Way (ATW) at least one time, preferably on the Southern Route.  Also, you will need to have a working mounted CB Radio by KSU.  If interested contact Big Vic our Platoon Coordinator at

Southern Route is looking to fill a new position if the right volunteer can be found.  Leadership Support Driver, basically a chase vehicle for Outreach Missions.  Ideally a pickup with a trailer capable of transporting 1-2 motorcycles.  The reason for a smaller rig is that many of the Outreach locations have extremely limited parking and traverse narrow and winding roads.  Please contact me for more information about this position.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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Southern Route Coordinator News – New Year’s Eve 2020

Happy New Year to My RFTW Family,

Tomorrow we will say Hello, Hola, Aloha,  Kamusta,  Bonjour,  Hallo, or in any language, Greetings to 2021. We are so happy to see you.  Just so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind, the Run For The Wall Board of Directors and All Route Coordinators are fully committed to RFTW XXXII 2021. 

A major milestone is the publication of the Route’s Hotel List.  This will happen about Midnight Eastern Time on January 1, 2021 on the  website under the Southern Route Hub.

****Very Important, Please Read****

The 2021 Hotel List is the culmination of the hard work of our Southern Route State Coordinators.  Every effort was made to garner the best rates available.  We do not have contracts of agreements with every property on this list, but the price ranges listed should reflect actual available rates.  Room block sizes vary from place to place.  Once that hotel’s block is sold out, that’s it for that hotel.

Every year is different, and this year is no exception.  Along the Southern Route, owners have had to deal with Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Fires, Drought, Floods, Civil Unrest and Governmental Restrictions due to the pandemic.   They will do everything they can to complete your reservation.  There is NO Excuse for being rude to these folks.  Keep in mind, that the person you are dealing with can only do what they are allowed to within their system.  It takes years to cultivate relationships with our hotels and can be destroyed with one bad experience.  Thank You for your cooperation.

Final Thoughts for 2020…..

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Southern Route Coordinator News Christmas Eve 2020

My Christmas (Poem) Rhyme

By Bob Nelson

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the lands

People were busy washing their hands

We all went about with masks on our faces

Finding businesses closed in so many places

We never imagined how bad it would get

As we chanted aloud “Is it May Yet?”

Cancelling the Run, no one could believe

Our bags were packed, we were ready to leave.

No Work, No School so we stayed close to home

In the garage with our bikes, just polishing chrome

Were allowed in public, but six feet apart

Not at a Church but ok at Wal-Mart

The vaccines are here, and the end is in sight

We will never surrender, we’re up for the fight

We’re Stronger Together We will get through this

But Santa, I ask you just one Christmas Wish

Take 2020 with you into the night as you go

And bury it deep into the cold Arctic snow

I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight Merry Christmas to ALL

Now Let’s Run For The Wall

Written December 24, 2020

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Southern Route Coordinator News – December 2020 Part 2a

Well It did not take long for 50 of you to respond. We have reached our cutoff. I want to give a Huge THANK YOU to all who read the RFTW Route Coordinators’ and President’s Newsletters.

The enthusiasm for RFTW XXXII 2021, on a scale of 1-10, seems to average in the High 20’s. I do not think that there will be any lack of excitement.

For those of you who emailed me, please check what you sent. I cannot mail you something if I do not have your mailing address. Just saying

Best Wishes

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Southern Route Coordinator News – December 2020 Part 2

Season’s Greetings to ALL of our RFTW Family,

I think it is about time that we ALL try to look ahead to a brighter future.  The end of this terrible pandemic has begun.  For those of you on the front line, you have the undying gratitude of a Grateful Nation.  They have had to deal a lot with things that were not in the job description.  No one will get through this without a scratch.  So. it is important that we stick together and help each other as best we can.  Also take care of our own personal health.

It is December and the Holiday Season is here.  I have tried to maintain a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) throughout the year, It has not been easy.   I learned early in life that no matter how much you worry about a problem, that never made it better.  So, with that said, if you celebrated Hanukkah which ended Friday evening, I hope that you were able to spend it with Family.  Merry Christmas to those who will gather to observe Christmas Day this coming Friday.  Saturday starts the week-long celebration of Kwanzaa.  Whatever you do, Be Safe and Stay Healthy.    

This year I am especially looking forward to New Year’s Day.  2020 will be in the history books and we can start fresh with a brand-new year. I think we should call it 2021, The Year of Hope.

Since you have read all of the newsletter to this point, do not forget to read the fine print below the signature block.

Diane and I wish you all Love, Health and Happiness during the holidays and throughout the New Year.

To reward the loyal newsletter readers please email me your name and mailing address and answer this one question.  On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about RFTW XXXII 2021? To the first 50 that respond, I will send you something unique and special.

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Southern Route Coordinator News December, 2020 Part 1

Seasons Greetings from the Battle Born State,

You will be pleased to know that your Southern Route leadership team is hard at work making every possible preparation for RFTW 2021.  With swift vaccine approval and rollout now underway, in a few months maybe we can look at the pandemic as a terrible memory. I make no joke about it; the events of 2020 have been tough on all of us and a tragedy to many. 

State and local restriction are as varied as there are jurisdictions.  Current restraints have no definite end, and our planning is based on projection of better circumstances that we all anticipate by May.  RFTW Southern Route 2021 could be much different than years past.  How different, only time will tell.  Hey, who’s not ready for a little adventure!?

We plan to have the 2021 Hotel list out around the end of the month.   Many of the hotel systems and workers may be overwhelmed by the volume of calls, so I am asking you to be patient and tolerant.  Semper Gumby!

As I think of all of the RFTW riders I have met, some of you I have gotten to know well, others I only recognize by your Road Name.  One thing I have learned is that so many of you have “hidden” talents, hobbies, work experience, knowledge, and skills.   Your willingness to share could be a great resource to the Mission.  For example, the Board of Directors in soliciting for a volunteer to fill an upcoming board vacancy.  Our Director of Risk Management, Diann “Mojo” McKee’s term is up in 2021.   The link below will take you to the announcement.  Check it out, it might be what you have been looking for.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.   And Stay Tuned for December 2020 Part 2, there just may be a surprise in it for you.

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Southern Route Coordinator News – November, 2020 Part 2

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone read the RFTW President’s Newsletter, it is very inspiring.  If you have not yet, just do not forget. 

I am not sure how everyone else feels, but as for me I am beyond ready to say good riddance to 2020 (and its friend the pandemic) and Welcome to Run For The Wall 2021. 

Any day now the FDA should approve and release at least the first of two 95+% effective vaccines.  I urge ALL of you to consult with your Primary Care Provider about getting it.  You owe it to yourself, your Family, your Friends and your RFTW Brothers and Sisters to consider being vaccinated.  The sooner the “numbers” come down the sooner we can ALL get back on track. 

The Run For The Wall Board of Directors, Route Coordinators and State Coordinators are steadfastly committed to our 2021 Mission.   I know that I have said this before, but it bears repeating.   I am asking everyone to “Be Patient”, situations change almost daily.  Please do all that you can do to help the cause.   Together we WILL get through this.

Diane and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Southern Route Coordinator News – November, 2020 Part 1

Greetings from a cold & snowy Winter day in the Nevada High Desert,

As you can see from the picture below Winter is here.  It’s hard to believe that Tuesday it was sunny and 70 degrees and today we probably won’t see 30.  Seems amazing how things can change in just a few days.

Enough about that, it is Run For The Wall planning season.   We here on Southern Route are busy preparing for the 2021 Run.  We hope to keep changes to a minimum, but I know that the Southern Route Riders are an adaptable bunch.  As of right now, our basic route will not change, and our overnight stops will be the same as planned for 2020.   Our wonderful State Coordinators are working on hotels and organizing our vast support network, to make 2021 a success.  If you see or hear anything that may affect the Southern Route, please share it with the appropriate State Coordinator, Kris Wood or myself.   Their contact information can be found on the RFTW website, Southern Route Hub, SR Contacts .

I have gotten some emails from riders wanting to volunteer their service to the 2021 Run.  I applaud the spirit.  There are very few openings, but most Team Leaders are adding riders to their Standby List. Feel free to contact them directly, we will not open the Online Volunteer Signup.  You can check the link above to see current openings and Team Lead contact information.  Note: You cannot volunteer to be an Ambassador.

Wednesday November 11th is Veterans Day.  Take the time to give that old Veteran buddy of yours a call just to see how they are doing.  Never Forget who gave us our Freedom.

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Southern Route Coordinator News – October, 2020 Part 2

Applications are now being accepted

We are planning to change the way we assign riders to our Memorial Outreaches.  In past years we have assigned platoon(s) to each memorial.  We may still send a platoon to some but would rather send volunteers on a signup basis.  Riders will be able to sign up as soon as the outreach schedule is published

With that in mind we are looking for an Outreach Coordinator for Memorials and an Assistant.  The ideal candidates would have to meet some basic requirements and possess a “certain set of skills”. 

The Requirements are:

  • Ride a 2 or 3-wheel motorcycle without a trailer, equipped with a working mounted CB radio  
  • Have ridden All The Way on Southern Route at least 2 times
  • Have Platoon Leadership or equivalent experience.  The Coordinator will be the lead of the outreach group

Skills needed:

  • Leadership, have knowledge of the outreach routes, work with the assigned Road Guards, be on time.
  • Organizational, you must keep track of the volunteers for each outreach and make sure they are aware of when and where they need to be.
  • Communication, know the significance of the memorial, brief the riders and be available to brief the entire Route at the morning Riders’ Meeting.

If you feel up to the challenge, please send me a bio ( ) showcasing your Skills, RFTW history and other pertinent information you would like to have considered.