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Southern Route Coordinator News – August 2019

As you might guess, the Southern Route Leadership Team is busy planning every step of our Mission for 2020.  You may notice that the leadership list will be a little smaller.  We are eliminating and combining some positions.  Each Team Leader is currently filling their rosters.  Once they are firmed up, I will update the Contacts page on our Hub.  Use the Volunteer Sign-Up Form on the Hub if you would like to offer your services.

Southern Route is considering a couple of new positions, if the right volunteers can be found.  One is a Chase Vehicle for Outreach Missions.  Ideally a pickup with a trailer capable of transporting 1-2 motorcycles.  The reason for a smaller rig is that many of the Outreach locations have very limited parking and traverse narrow and winding roads.

The other is similarly related, Outreach Medic, a rider with recent EMT or related medical experience and current credentials.  This position would require vetting, by our Medical Team.

In each case the volunteer should have; Ridden the Southern Route ATW at least twice, Have their own equipment and supplies, The intent of going ATW on Southern Route in 2020.  If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact me directly via email with a short bio of your qualifications and RFTW experience.

In other news, it’s Reunion Season! Check out all the reunions and regional gathering information in the website Forum section.  These are open to Past, Present, Future and other interested riders.  They are a great time to get together with other riders in a less hectic environment than during the Run.  I’d like to thank those folks who organize the events for us to enjoy.  You can show your support by attending as many as can.  All Routes are Welcome!

Bob “Captain America” Nelson

Southern Route Coordinator
Run For The Wall XXXII 2020