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Southern Route Coordinator News – December 2021 Part 2

RFTW XXXII 2021 RC Newsletter

December 2021 Part 2



Greetings from Snowy Nevada,

I hope everyone had an opportunity to spend time with Family over Christmas.  And that Santa brought you great presents. 

The Hotel List will be posted on the Southern Route Hub on January 1, 2022.  Our State Coordinators do their very best to secure a variety of best available rates.    We do not have contracts with every hotel on the list.  Those whose rate is shown in italics are non-contract with currently available the online rate.   Just click on the hotel name and it should take you directly to that hotel’s reservation site.

If you are not a member of some hotel chain rewards programs, you should consider joining.  It costs nothing, and you could benefit from earning or using associated points.  Examples are Choice, Wyndham, Marriot, Hilton Honors, Radisson, IHG (Holiday Inn), Best Western and others.

Also keep in mind that you may have to use the supplied link or call the hotel directly to get the Run For The Wall rate.  All that information will be on the Hotel List.  If you call the hotels directly on the morning of January 1st, keep in mind that the person on the phone may be busy or may not be aware of the special rate.  That is no excuse to be rude.   Call another place or call back later.   It takes years to cultivate positive relationships with these hotels, one bad experience can ruin it all.  You may notice that some of the usual places are not listed, it is likely that their rates are well above what others offer in the same locale.  Doubling up to share expenses is an option to cut costs.

With a New Year brings New Hope.  Please register if you have not already.  I would sure help our planning efforts to know how many of you will be with us in 2022.  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Positive & Happy New Year