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SR Day 4. Saturday, May 20th

Boy!  Did the day start off cold! Cloudy and almost with the threat of rain, but it didn’t come. At least not for now.  American Legion served us a hearty breakfast.  We had the high school’s JROTC out here, not only serving us, but waving us off as we head to the Permian Basin  Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  At the Memorial, we heard a beautiful song called “My Buddy” sung by Dianne Tylka Vaught.  It really hit home with the veterans who lost their comrades.  “Wild Bill” then spoke briefly about the history of the Memorial, which was followed by our first wreath laying.  

Back on the bikes, we headed towards Big Spring Vietnam Veterans Memorial for a brief stop and wreath laying.   Man, the cold wind just cuts right through your clothes and leathers.  Wouldn’t you know it—a one-day cold front comes blasting through while we’re here…!   What I’d give for a cup of hot coffee right now!  Fortunately, our stop in Colorado City is only about 43 miles away.

Our lunch is at the Railhead Bldg.  downtown.  Heading into the building, we heard some awesome rock music—stuff that instantly brought back memories!  It was from the Colorado City rock band “Static Pulse.”   Great rock music!!  Then,  when Taps was played by Sam Hale (also of Colorado City) at the end of the program, it literally sent chills in me.  So hauntingly beautiful…

After a long 120 miles, we stopped at a new fuel station in Cisco—Road Ranger Truck Stop.  Once again, the area’s CMA chapters were out there with a plethora of cookies and snacks!  What a special treat!    As a fellow CMA’er, it always makes me proud, yet humbled that they never hesitate to serve us.  We find numerous CMA chapters that do this across the country.   Now on to Grand Prairie. 

In Grand Prairie, we landed (unscathed from the Dallas traffic, I might add!) at Dubiski Career High School, for a fabulous supper and welcome from the local dignitaries.     Man, it seems like it’s been a long day.    For this rider, I (& a few other old-timers) really miss the free massages we used to get from the local masseuses who were so generous with their services.   Another malady due to COVID…..   Once the presentations were done—we’re off to the hotels.  Tomorrow—on to Louisiana!

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