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SR Day 5. Sunday, May 21st

WARNING. today’s sit-rep is longer than usual— with lots to tell.  

We’re here in the Walmart parking lot for the next morning—gobbling up wonderful breakfast burritos and cups of coffee.  This is Sunday, and we always have a very brief church service. This morning, our lead chaplain, Gary Burd, spoke. Wow—the words that he spoke came straight from his heart – talking about his ministry and his perseverance in doing what God is telling him to do, which is riding many, many miles, being in ministering to people, especially with how the world has turned so far from God. He is doing it for his children and grandchildren—- just as each veteran has sacrificed for the future of this country.  It touched every one of our hearts and encouraged us to keep going on, despite our being tired and disheartened. You could’ve heard a pin drop in the audience as they listened.  Gary has been with RFTW for a lot of years, and continues to be instrumental in establishing the hydration trailer and chaplain team.  As a true blessing to us and this run, hearing him pour out his heart…well, enough said.  

Well, our Brookshires fuel stop in Terrell turned out very interesting. Because of a major wreck that included a fatality, the main pack (along with 3 lanes of traffic) was completely stopped on I-20 and sat there for over an hour. We finally arrived at Brookeshire’s an hour and 15 minutes late.  Wow—a fuel & break stop cut short (to make up some time) and we were back on the road to try to get back closer to the schedule.

Lunch in Longview, TX, was a welcomed sight!  During introductions & thank you’s given, we were introduced to a VERY special guest—Clifford Moseley, a WW2 POW during 1944 to 1945.  He currently resides at the Watkins Logan Texas State Veterans Home in Tyler, TX.   If this didn’t bring home what we ride for, I don’t know what would.   

Lunch time and our afternoon fuel stop was cut short, as well, so we could hit the road & get to Monroe.    What made the time go by quickly were the many overpasses that had SO MANY “friendlies,” fire trucks & huge flags out for us!   They endured the time delay & stuck it out!   We arrived in Monroe to some delicious catfish, hush puppies, brisket & pork loin, baked beans & desserts.   It was a great meal after a taxing day.   And the Louisiana hospitality was top notch, as always!   Ok—to a good night’s sleep and on to Meridian, MS!

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