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SR Day 9. Thursday, May 25th

Breakfast in the park!  Man, is it extremely cool and damp out here this morning!  I had to go put my rain jacket on just to get warm!   The community folks had the big tent up with lots of breakfast goodies. Everyone’s kind of strolling around in the grass chit-chatting & waiting for the kids to come down from Spiller Elementary School.    The riders have strands of Mardi Gras beads, pencils, and pins to give out to the kids as they come down the hill. This is always an exciting morning for us.  The kids made it down and sang some songs for us.  This time, when we did our wreath laying , we did it while the children were there, so that they could witness it. This is the first time we have done this.  So, off we go to Montvale & its elementary school—with the Wytheville folks & Spiller kids waving us on.  

Lunch at Montvale is always really neat , because the men are invited to eat with the kids in the classrooms!  Yep—our big behinds on those little chairs….!   During the program, the kids not only recited the Pledge of Allegiance but also sang the Star Spangled Banner with such pride and meaning that I saw many a veteran wipe away tears.  The military branch flags were brought in while its song was played.  The men love this part since it lets them hoop and holler!  The school’s mascot is Montvale Patriots —- and that is so true!  What pride and patriotism is shown by these kids & the teachers, as well—it truly brings us hope that there is still hope for this country.   You cannot imagine how often I hear that from the men….  The final presentation was from the BCPS (Bedford County Public Schools) JROTC, who did an exhibition drill demonstration.   Wow—these young men and women did an outstanding job!   

Now on to the D Day Memorial entrance where  a huge flag on a fire truck awaited us.  The D Day Memorial always makes you reflect on World War II and the horrible battles that were fought and sacrifices made.   After a brief presentation, we had a wreath laying under the Overlord arches.  Then platoon pictures were taken.   After a few more moments to walk around the Memorial, we were off to Lynchburg and to the Harley Davidson dealership for dinner.   These guys always do us right—good food, sitting outside & enjoying the great weather & evening.   Then—off to the hotels for a good night’s sleep for a VERY early start in the morning.   Day 10 is here!

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