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Store is now open

Welcome home everyone! I hope you had a great Run and time to get some rest. I wanted to let you know that the Store is open again after being closed during the Run.

In addition to the Store being open again, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your patience and support during the Run. There were some initial startup issues for our Point Of Sale system in Ontario and unfortunately, we were unable to print receipts for those of you who may have wanted one. These issues are top of mind as we think forward to 2024 and will be addressed.

As you have read from the RCs and others, there is an After Action Report (AAR) that is available for you to provide feedback. I welcome any feedback directed to me about our Merchandise operations, selection and any other top of mind areas you’d like to address. Good or bad, all feedback is welcome! I want to be sure that what we offer you is appealing, something that promotes Run For the Wall to the world and is something you’re proud to own. So please, take a few minutes and fill out the AAR directed at Merchandise. The link to the report is here.

We ride for those who can’t.

Alan “Xbox” Steiner
CR Photographer
Director of Merchandise

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