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RFTW Midway Route June Newsletter

Midway Route Coordinator News

This will be my final Route Coordinator newsletter; little did I know the journey that was in our future when Ken “Six-String” Dugas asked me to be his 2020 Midway Asst. Route Coordinator. It has been my distinct Honor and Privilege to serve as your 2023 Midway Route Coordinator. I want to thank everyone who has supported our Midway route and RFTW Mission.

Jerry Wilkins
2023 Midway Route Coordinator, Jerry Wilkins

Midway Route Leadership did an outstanding job. I cannot thank you sufficiently. Midway Route motto, “adapt and overcome” was a daily routine. It would be near impossible to list everyone that contributed to the Mission’s success but know it was appreciated very much! Job well done!

Midway FNG’s, you are amazing! Welcome to the Midway Family. I know there was much to take in and learn. I am hopeful you will consider becoming a volunteer for many years to come.

I would like to thank those who have submitted an After-Action Report. For those who have not, I urge you to do so. The information is vital to planning for the next year’s Run. Here is the link for the AAR,

2024 Midway Route Leadership have already started working on next year’s Run. Volunteers are needed in all positions. If you are not an FNG and are interested in volunteering, please submit a volunteer form. Here is the link for the Volunteer Form,

I am pleased to report that the Board of Directors have approved Don “Ten-A-See” King to serve as our Midway Route Coordinator for 2024. Don has worked tirelessly as my Assistant Route Coordinator. The success of Run XXXllI was due in no small part to the efforts of Don. I have complete confidence Don will do an outstanding job as 2024 Midway Route Coordinator.

In closing, I cannot thank everyone enough for your prayers and support for Patti. Patti has read each and every card she received and sends her heartfelt thanks for the encouragement and well-wishes.  She has renewed strength and resilience due to your thoughtfulness. You have touched her heart and soul. She is hopeful to give you all “hugs” next year as we continue the RFTW Mission.

Jerry “Corp” Wilkins

“Service Before Self”

RFTW 2023 Midway Route Coordinator                    


Four Routes, One Mission!

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