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FNG Story – Scott Durrett

Name: Scott Durrett


Phone: 636-328-5446

City: St. Peters

State: MO

FNG Story:

Brothers – Sisters, let me first start by saying Thank You and welcome 
home! This year was my first time to be able to ride with you. I was 
only able to ride from Junction City, Kansas to Wentzville, Missouri but 
that short run meant everything to me. I have very strong emotions for my 
brothers and sisters who are serving and who have served. I spent most of 
the drive with tears in my eyes as I constantly thought about the sole 
purpose of such a ride and seeing the outpouring of support along the way. 
I must also mention the unthinkable task some of you have accomplished by 
putting together this ride. I wasn’t on the entire journey but there was 
not a beat missed on the leg of my adventure.

I am going to try my best to make it all the way to Washington D.C. next 
year and experience the full impact of your/our purpose, Riding for those 
who cannot. What an honor.

I was lucky enough to serve 8 years for our country. I was lucky enough 
to receive veteran status from serving however I remained stateside during 
my time. The only thing I truly regret is leaving the military. My 
veteran status only shows that I served and I do feel less of a person for 
only serving stateside. My honor and my heart is for all my brothers and 
sisters who did serve overseas and who have truly earned their titles as 
veterans. Regardless how I feel, I am here to honor those who gave 
everything. I honored to ride along side my brothers and sisters. Thank 
you all. Keep the rubber side down and drive safe!