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FNG Story – Vicci Melton

Name: Vicci Melton
Phone: 928-261-3459
City: Yuma
State: AZ
FNG Story:

I waited four years to make the trek from Yuma, AZ to Washington, DC, and why I waited so long I’ll never know. I just turned 60 before the ride and was really concerned if I was up for the test. What an experience. I laughed, cried and was so humbled by not only my fellow riders, but the beautiful and gracious folks we along the way. While at Odessa, TX, I got lost in thought of the 60’s and the awfulness our boys came home to. One of the road guards, and to save my life I can’t remember this good old boy’s name, came up to me and asked me “where are you?”, referring to my thoughts at the moment. I looked at him and all I could do was cry. The run to the Wall was profound for me. My toy hauler boasted numerous placards of friends and family who have served our great nation.

After a triumphant trip to DC we headed to Alabama, and along the way encountered numerous other riders who had made the trip, and lots of folks who drove past us waving. Am I proud to be an American? Not only yes, but hell yes. I count each and every Vet to be a member of my family. And thanks to all of you who put on such a thrilling and memorable run. I can hardly wait for next year. God bless America and you.