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The Saga of Run For The Wall

FNG 2022

The Saga of Run For The Wall

By Lane “Boss” Post
USMC Vietnam Vet
FNG 2023 Central Route

Listen up patriots I’ve a story to share
About support, accounting, healing, and prayer
We honor the memory of those who did fall
In tribute to them we Run For The Wall.

From Ontario to DC together we ride
To remember and honor those who have died
One mission, four routes, ALL THE WAY is our chant
We ride to the wall for those who can’t.

The bikes roar to life and the journey begins
Ten days on the road in DC it ends
A formation of bikers five hundred strong
Platoon after platoon over two miles long!

One proud tradition since this ride began
Is the honored space open for one missing man
Surrounded by many and remembered by all
He escorts the names that we take to the wall.

Every overpass we ride under, every town we pass through
Are hundreds of supporters waving red, white, and blue
They donate the fuel that allows us to roll
They provide our meals and nourish our soul.

Day ten we arrive and approach that grave wall
Searching for names like Bob, John, or Paul
Thousands and thousands of names there engraved
They gave their lives that ours might be saved.

Freedom isn’t free as the wall will attest
Our freedom was paid for by some of our best
Put your hand on that wall and you might hear them say
For your tomorrow we gave our today.

Emotions run deep, tears they will flow
A healing takes place for a debt that we owe
So veterans and patriots come one come all
Join this great tribute as we Run For The Wall!


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