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SandBox Route RC Newsletter – December 2023

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IS IT MAY YET? Unfortunately, not yet. As it is mid-December, we will usher in 2024 very soon The New Year will bring with it fresh starts and new possibilities.

Unfortunately, that means a new RC for the Sand Box Route with it. It’s with a heavy heart and searing regret to inform you of my decision to step down from my role as Route Coordinator effective 12 Dec 2023. This decision has not been easy, but after careful consideration, I have concluded that the increasing demands of my business workload and the urgency to address newly identified alarming health concerns, will require me to prioritize my well-being. Regrettably, the focus required for both conditions (increased workload and a disturbing health condition) prevents my full concentration and exercise of my duties as the SB RC.

During my tenure, I have been deeply committed to our shared goals and have taken great pride in our collective achievements. However, I believe that a leader must be fully capable of dedicating the necessary time and energy to their responsibilities. Recently, balancing the intensifying demands of my role with my personal health has become increasingly challenging.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to contribute to our team’s success and for the support and understanding of my colleagues and superiors. I will work diligently to ensure a smooth transition of our Assistant RC (ARC), Heidi “BLUE” Hansing to assume the role as RC.

I look forward to seeing the continued success of the Sand Box Route and am confident in the team’s ability to thrive under new leadership. Thank you for your understanding and support during this transition period.

I hope 2024 brings you fortune and prosperity. More importantly, I hope the XXIV RFTW is a huge success, including the execution of the Sand Box Route. Lastly, I hope all find good health and blessings.

Cornell “THUMPER” Penn
“Former” Sandbox Route Coordinator (RC)

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