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Board of Directors Opening

Become a Board Member!

As mentioned in an earlier announcement, the BoD has an open position for Secretary that we need to fill.

We are looking for team members that are strategic thinkers and have a dynamic skill set that includes proficiency in email, attaching and sending files through email, Microsoft Excel, Word, data analysis, understanding a balance sheet and occasional travel for meetings.  We also need a team member that can work with and help develop an online file system for our historical documents as well as ongoing and future work.  Working with others to include BoD members, members of the public, companies and corporations, insurance agencies, members of the riding community, and others is critical to the success of each position.

Important:  Please forward your resume to  Include a cover letter with your resume and specifically outline your qualifications for this desired position.  Also ensure your resume also includes a historical summary of your activities with RFTW.

The application period will close on 31 March 2023.

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