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Central Route Coordinator News Mar 2019

Central Route    Mar 2019


Only 74 days to go

Points of interests.




  1. Start drinking more water
  2. Increase your exercise
  3. Learn to ride in a group, especially side by side.
  4. Plan to have your bike checked, tires, brakes etc.

On the Run

  1. Have $100.00 in ones, fives and tens for fuel. (no change given)
  2. Cars and slingshots are very welcome but can’t ride in the main pack and must fuel separately
  3. Don’t over pack
  4. Notify your credit card providers that you will be travelling. Make a copy of all docs and keep it at home, i.e. credit cards, license, registration etc.
  5. Follow instructions from leadership, Platoon leaders, Roadguards, Fuelers, Stageing etc. They are all there to ensure your safety.
  6. Thank all of the people at towns and stops across the country that donates their time and contributions to make this the ride of a lifetime.
  7. Leave all stops cleaner than when we arrive, pick up all trash.
  8. Prepared to be overwhelmed by the welcome and patriotism you will receive


Note:  Even if you preregister, you still must bring all your documents to the registration point, license (motorcycle endorsed) bike registration, up to date insurance. If you are bringing a minor you must have a notarized permission letter.

This has to be checked out before you are assigned a platoon.

Every year we have some folks who turn up who forgot their docs and that is a shame after planning for this great mission.

If you do not have the proper documentation; you cannot participate in RFTW.