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Aloha RFTW O’Hana,
IS IT MAY YET? I have heard this cry since 2009 and it always makes me happy. Happy to see the excitement and anticipation for the next Run for the Wall. I am sorry to say that it isn’t May yet, but at the pace we are going it will be soon! Planning is (as always) underway. Our State Coordinators are doing their MAGIC and things are coming together.

Registration begins in just a couple of days. I encourage everyone to get online as soon as Registration begins on 9-11-2023 and get yourself registered and committed to RFTW XXXIV (2024).


REGISTER HERE/Opens at 0846 Eastern time 9-11-2023


By pre-registering as soon as possible, you make it a lot more manageable for our Team that does all of the planning for a successful and fulfilling Run. The numbers of Bikes and People generated from the Pre-Registration Process helps to determine where we can park at various stops, how many meals our generous supporters need to plan for and so any other things that go on behind the scenes (hotel requirements, meals, donated t-shirts, pre-paid fuel planning, merchandise items, etc.). We NEED these numbers in order to have a successful RUN.
These numbers also drive procurement of items for the various Route Merchandise Trailers as well as help us to plan for Platoon assignments and so many other aspects of our planning.

Angel Fire

I just returned home to Hawai’i from a wonderful weekend serving the Veterans Community and reuniting with RFTW O’hana at our annual Workday and Reunion in Angel Fire, NM. We had a great time seeing each other on Friday Night at the reception followed by the ceremony on Saturday where we placed 5 Medal of Honor Bricks and Approximately 500 regular bricks at the Memorial. We had riders and family from all four Routes in attendance. Many thanks go out to the teams behind the scenes that made this all work.

Kenny “Scooter” Keelin spent 3-4 WEEKS prepping the grounds and coordinating the supplies and equipment needed to make this Workday a success. He was assisted by Kathryn “Literal-E” Ewing and Bob “Just Bob” Thornton in these efforts. Kathryn gathered all of the sides and condiments for our reception dinner held on Friday and coordinated with the Laguna Vista to provide us with a place to have the dinner as well as grills to cook the Meat. Kirk Olson Prepped and cooked 96 pounds of Tri-Tip for our dining pleasure (so much nicer than “finger foods and find your own dinner”). His parents Harlan and Janelle helped with the prep and drove the meat down from Colorado in a huge cooler. So many people worked tirelessly to make this event a success that I am sure I will miss someone. Thanks go out to Jenny “Lady Jen” Ward and her Husband Ken “Catfish” Ward, as well as (Road names from here on), Rev Kev, Paparazzi, Squirrel, Dirt, the Road Guard tent team (Too many to name), Clutch and Lady G, Fly Girl, The KS crew led by Dennis Kaylor, and so many others. I am sure I have missed a couple of people and I apologize in advance. So many people stepped up and assisted to make the Workday and Reunion a fun and worthwhile event.

Oh, did i mention Stormwatch (Kim Greeley), my wife who has supported me in this endeavor since 2009 even though she is scared to death of motorcycles. She has ridden ATW 8 times on the bike, gone ATW 3 other times in a cage and participated one time on the Bike. Kim was a behind the scenes whirlwind at the reunion as she has been for me every time I have been on the Run.

Click Here for the most recent Southern Route Newsletter for information about the upcoming All Riders Reunion in Kerrville. 

Jim “Hoofer” McCrain Dropped in on the Reunion Dinner and was kind enough to take a bunch of Photos of the festivities. Link below to the photo album.



Hoofer’s Photos of the Angel Fire Event

Remember the Mission and continue to plan for the upcoming RUN. See you all soon!

Nick “Richboy” Hentges
RFTW Central Route Coordinator 2024

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