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Central Route Newsletter December 2023 WHY WE RIDE

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka to my Run for the Wall O’Hana

After nearly 51 years, Captain Ronald Wayne Forrester has been found. Remains found a the crash site of his aircraft have been positively identified as his. His Daughter, Karoni “Hoops” Forrester (Pictured with her Father in the Above photo) is the head of the Outreach team for Southern Route and has been fighting for decades to bring her daddy home and get closure for her family.  THIS IS WHY WE RIDE! Link to his bio is below. Please keep demanding an accounting of our missing Service Members. What we do makes a difference!

Captain Forrester Status


I am also linking a President’s newsletter from January of 2023. Please take a moment to read/re-read this message. It is very well written and is a good reminder of why we ride.

President’s Message 9 Jan 2023

In other news, Planning for RFTW XXXIV is coming along well. State Coordinators are working their magic. The hotel list will be coming out on January 1st. Please be patient and courteous to the hotel folks when you call to reserve your room. We are all Ambassadors for the Run and politeness goes a long way in maintaining our relationships with those that support us along the Routes.

If you haven’t done so yet, please consider donating to the Run before the end of the year so you can claim it on your taxes. RFTW is a 501C(3) nonprofit. You can go to the link below and donate online or you can Zelle directly to Central route at 

Donate Here

If you donate through the website, please make sure you designate where you want the donation to go (Central Route, Southern Route, General, etc.).


DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER FOR THE RUN! We need you to register as early as possible so we can plan for Meals, Hotel needs, Fuel stops, staging, etc..  Are you not sure if you are coming? If you are committed and are coming, get registered. Help our teams get the information they need to plan for a successful Run. Also the price goes up on 1 February!




The Central Route is in need of a Merchandise team leader. See the newsletter from our Director of merchandise in the link below. We have a Driver and Vehicle but need a Sales team leader. Requirements are in the newsletter linked below.


We are planning to do a “Town Hall” Zoom for the Central Route in Early January. Keep an eye on your email for a newsletter with more information.

Please have a safe and enjoyable Holiday season and remember those who are not able to be with their loved ones during this time of year.

Today, take a moment to remember those approximately 2400 Americans lost and 1200 that were wounded on this day in 1941 during the attack on Pearl Harbor that thrust us into WWII.

Remember the Mission and continue to plan for the upcoming RUN. See you all soon!

Nick “Richboy” Hentges
RFTW Central Route Coordinator 2024

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