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CR Day 10: Almost Complete

Our last day on the road feels bittersweet. We are tired and ready to see the mission to its completion, but we also want to keep “riding for those who can’t” instead of soon dispersing back to where we individually carry the mission within our communities. The Central Route started this day in Lewisburg West Virginia and had a short 252 miles to cover today to arrive at our Host Hotel in Arlington.

The morning started as usual with a mandatory meeting. One difference however, was that our Raffle Rouser, Lance, had nothing to do! All the fundraising had been done and the donations made. Read yesterday’s SitRep if you missed the total given to Rainelle. All tallied the Central Route gave around $40,000 in donations last year and this year was very similar. Those funds come mostly from the riders but also from donations sent to the Run For The Wall from patriot citizen supporters. Thank you everyone!

There was one difference to the morning meeting. One of our riders wrote a poem, which he rousingly read to the riders. Here is that poem. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

For Your Tomorrow, The Saga of Run For The Wall

Listen up Patriots, I’ve a story to share
about support, accounting, healing, and prayer.
We salute our heroes, those who did fall
In tribute to them, we RUN FOR THE WALL

From Ontario to DC, together we ride
To remember and honor those who have died.
One mission, four routes, ALL THE WAY is our chant.
We ride to The Wall for those who can’t.

Our bikes roar to life and our mission begins.
Ten days on the road, in DC it ends.
A parade of bikers 500 strong.
Platoon after platoon stretches two miles long.

One proud tradition, since this ride began,
is the vacant spot open for one Missing Man.
Surrounded by many and remembered by all
he escorts the names that we take to The Wall.

Every bridge we ride under, every town we pass through
are hundreds of supporters waving red, white, and blue.
They donate the fuel that allows us to roll.
They provide our meals and nourish our soul.

Day ten we arrive and approach that grave wall
searching for names like Tom, John, or Paul.
Thousands and thousands of names there engraved
they gave their lives so that ours might be saved.

Freedom isn’t free as that Wall will attest.
Our freedom was paid for by some of our best.
Put your hand on the wall and you might hear them say
“For your tomorrow we gave our today.”

Emotions run deep and tears they will flow
as healing takes place for a debt that we owe.
Veterans, patriots, countrymen all
join this great tribute as we RUN FOR THE WALL!
Boss, FNG, 2023


We rolled into the New Market Civil War Battlefield for lunch, and this day we had plenty of time to eat. Last year the threat of tornados and thunderstorms saw us departing lunch very shortly after arriving. This year, the weather was magnificent and no rushing for safety was needed. HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry provided a great sack lunch of Ham or Turkey sandwiches which riders enjoyed on the lush grass, under trees, or on benches surrounding the statue of Stonewall Jackson. After a time, the presentation of a plaque was made to the New Market Battlefield for hosting the riders, and Sarah, a staff member gave us a short description of why the small site is preserved. The battle of New Market saw the South score a late win in the Civil War preventing the North from cutting southern supply lines. The main reason for preserving the site is that 250 Cadets from the Virginia Military Institute marched 85 miles over five days to fight at New Market. Sarah explained that the battle is also known as the “battle of shoes” because the mud was so thick from heavy rains that soldiers lost their shoes in the mud as they fought. This reminder of our internal struggles that resulted in a Civil War made me think of where our nation is today. The division is significant. I wonder what the men who fought at New Market would say to us were they able to do so?

At the conclusion of lunch, we rolled out to Tom’s Brook for our last fuel stop. Here the Fuel Crew once again flawlessly executed their support mission to the greater pack of riders. Thank you, Fuel Crew. You all were amazing. Your smiles and friendly service were always welcome.

The main pack picked up a Law Enforcement escort at Toms Brook, meaning the next 80 miles would be clear sailing into Arlington. They shut down the freeway so we could enter without any traffic hindering our way. Then, on the route into Arlington, they blocked on ramps and ultimately, they blocked the main line of traffic a mile or so from our exit so we could easily transition from the Express Lanes onto the main line and then off the freeway.  It was amazingly smooth and safe. Thank you to the LEO’s who ushered us safely to the host hotel.

Upon our arrival, a significant number of riders from our advanced teams and from the Midway and Southern Routes welcomed our arrival by cheering, clapping, and saluting the Central Route as we passed the front of the hotel and turned into the parking lot. I loved the expression of “brotherhood” and respect. Once safely parked, riders gave each other hugs, took pictures, shared beverages, and welcomed each other home. It was a jubilant scene where the completion of riding across the country was celebrated. Even in the midst of this celebration, we all know the mission is not complete. That will come tomorrow when en masse we go to the Wall.

A couple of quick notes about a few of the images below. First, note the photo of Boss. He wrote the poem cited above. Second, I shot photos of a few t-shirts. Out of context it is a little strange. So, here is the context. The gas station on Coleman Drive adjacent to where the morning meeting occurs has those shirts on display. They have been signed in different years the run has used that location for the morning meeting. Of note, is the one that is from 1989, the first year of Run For The Wall. Lastly, Squatch really made the rounds during our lunch stop. He is pictured with a number of riders, but the one he is most proud of is the photo with our RC, Paul Marshall, and Sarah from the New Market Battlefield. Hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of some of our riders, and one of the HonorBound volunteers who supplied us with lunch. Having them pose with Squatch was fun for me, but it was also a great ice-breaker to get photos of some of the individuals that comprise the Run.

Central Route Arriving into Arlington

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