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SR Day 10. Friday, May 26th

Breakfast at Tree of Life Church. Wow…these people (& there were a bunch!) really came out and cooked a fabulous breakfast!  Tree of Life has graciously hosted us for quite a few years and helps “top the cake” of our mornings.   For our meeting, “Eyes” gave recognition to the leadership teams and individuals.  It was quite emotional, and it also gave us riders a chance to thank them, too.   Plaques were then presented to Tree of Life and the Virginia State Police.   We love the VA STATE POLICE!!!!  They have taken care of us for 20 years and are truly part of the SR family!  The friendships that we have with those guys is something that is deeply treasured.  And now to get ready for the road and our first fuel stop.

The Sheetz fuel stop—absolute chaos!! 😳😳.  The station is great, but the parking and re-staging is REALLY challenging. We snake all around the fuel islands, the building & the car wash—and pack very, very tightly!  But guess what?  After remembering last year’s torrential rain during the stop, everyone said that this was a piece of cake!  And what a surprise we had!  Who showed up here? SLAMMER— our dear, dear friend who is a former Route Coordinator (for 2 years—2004 & 2005), Road guard & Road guard captain!  Wow – was it great to see him. He went through the parking lot, hugging lots of the old timers.  

The next fuel stop was at Front Royal, and we had our traditional PB&J sandwiches!   Yeah!   Then, we’re off to D.C.!  

Because of the Virginia State Police and the local LEO’s, the ride into our hotel from the interstate was smooth as glass!     It couldn’t have been better.    We were welcomed by the Midway riders—both outside and in the host hotel’s lobby/bar.   It was so good to see them.    After about an hour, we & Midway headed outside to welcome Central Route in.   Talk about mayhem in the hotel—but it was a GOOD mayhem.  Riders were—relieved, elated, boisterous—words can’t describe it.    Everyone was glad to be in D.C.—safe and sound.     The rest of the afternoon was filled with gathering of friends to talk of their experiences on their route.  Watching the interaction among them makes you wish it would last much longer than a day or so.   And I think EVERYONE will have a good night’s sleep—knowing that they made it here—ready to face the Wall tomorrow.   

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