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December 2020 Central Route Coordinator News

Merry Christmas and a belated happy Thanksgiving!  Please accept my apologies, for not communicating last month, and thanks to Rich Boy for pointing out that I slept through the month of November! I don’t know about you, but this has been a very long year.

The biggest news I have since October is that, due to personal reasons, Bruce Bartolomeo had to step down from his position as ARC for our 2021 RFTW. Fortunately, Paul “Brush” Marshall stepped up and hit the ground running. He has been in contact with all of our state coordinators and team leaders to introduce himself, and to offer any assistance that they might need from him. Many of you know Paul from his position as Platoon Leader. His FNG year was 2002, and he has been all the way 11 times. He is also a retired police captain, thus bringing with him a lot of valuable leadership experience.

The state coordinators are almost all finished with their respective hotel lists, which should be published at the end of the year. One of the questions I get frequently from RFTW riders is, “Are we really going this year?” All I can answer is that we have 416 riders registered for Central Route, and we are 150 days from “Kickstands Up,” and the state coordinators are working their tails off to pave our way through their states. No one can predict what 2021 will bring, but with the promise of widespread vaccines in the upcoming months, I’m optimistic that we will be heading east in May.

It is my hope that you all stay safe and healthy, and enjoy your holidays as much as possible under the circumstances where you live.

Ride safely and stay well. God Bless the United States of America.

Tom (Boomps) Miller
Run for the Wall Central Route Coordinator