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FNG Story – Embe Kugler

Name: Embe Kugler
Phone: 480-292-9211
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
FNG Story:

This is my second post. It is now July 3rd and I have only been home a few days. I did an extended vacation after the “Run” to visit friends and family on my way back to Arizona.

I still cannot get the ride out of my head. I am both a much better person and a much better rider thanks to everyone in 5th Platoon. Sorry, I was such a bone head on learning to ride in proper formation. I have been riding since I was 11, but most always by myself. I am an introvert by nature, and motorcycles have always been one of my escape mechanisms.

After the “Run”, I spent the first couple of weeks with my wife, my cousin and his wife vacationing in Virginia. My cousin was an Army hydraulics specialist onboard the USS Corpus Christi Bay for two tours fixing Army helicopters off shore. It was the first he spent much time talking about the experience. He plans to meet me at the end of the “Run” again next year. I left Virginia and road to Indiana to stay with my Aunt. Uncle Bud was at the bottom of the hill at Iwo Jima when the flag was raised. He died this last Thanksgiving from complications of the Malaria he caught in WWII. His son Myron served in Ethiopia during the Nam, but was anxious to hear all about the “Run.”

From Indiana, I went to Illinois to visit my old Training NCO. Buzz drove Lady Bird’s trucks in the Nam and Thailand. He still has many physical and mental scars from the experience. We spent three days cleansing and praying.

Next was Oklahoma, cousin Larry Gene spent his Army years at Ft Bliss in the 60s. He is also going to meet me at the end of the “Run” next year. We spent three days discussing how fortunate we were that the Big Guy kept us from harm’s way.

I just returned from two days with an old Army buddy (both of us 30 plus years). He is not a rider, but wants to explore providing chase vehicle support next year. The “Run” continues to extend its healing touch.

I have others I will influence who are currently still serving, but will be retired by next year (one with seven years of war zone deployments under his belt). Hopefully, they will be among the FNGs next year.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the experience. Pied Piper, Too Tall, and Mustang, you are among my heroes. I truly look forward to serving with you again next year and as long as possible there after.