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FNG Story – Rich Martin

Name: Rich Martin
Phone: 408-489-7156
City: San Jose
State: California
FNG Story:

As I sit here and write this story, I keep thinking of the people I met along the way and those that I was going to try and and visit at the wall. People like Karoni and Cowboy and CJ. All the Road Guards and Advance team. I got the ride the first Missing Man Formation with Karoni. I shed more tears than I thought I would ever shed in my life. Each stop was more emotions and incredible people. The “Wall” itself just overwhelmed me. It took me three trips down the walk before I could even look at it. I couldn’t visit with my brothers this year. I had a women give me a heart pin to help heal my broken heart. How do you deal with that. All these months since I have been trying to explain it to people and can’t quite find the words. Many times I break down thinking about this incredible journey I took. It is amazing how everyone is there for you. You are not alone and yet you are alone with all that you see. It means a little different for everyone who takes this journey. I can’t thank the SgtMaj enough for convincing me that I should take this journey. It has helped with the healing from Nam and our so called homecoming. I will do this as long as my health/money holds up. Thanks to all that put this together. I
just can’t adequately put this into words.