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FNG Story – Steve Decker

Name: Steve Decker
Phone: 706-818-1288
City: Athens
State: Georgia
FNG Story:

Being a Viet nam vet, to join the Run for the Wall in Las Cruces, New Mexico. However, I had to take a job in Athens Georgia and move. Well finally in 2010, I was able to break free from work and join the ride. I had to join the group in Tennessee.

It was worth the wait. Although somewhat of a stressful ride, with riders you have never ridden with, it was about the coolest ride I have ever done. The people who we met along the way opened their arms and hearts. Gave me faith again in American people.

This was my first trip to the wall. A friend asked me to place an article for him at the wall. When I made it to the wall, I placed the article at the wall and stood up to see the names of two of my high school friends names. It really set me back. It hit me so hard.

I wanted to ride again this year, but due to a Nam injury, I must have eye surgery. I am currently blind in my right eye and to do the ride, you need all of the eye sight you can get. It would be unsafe for those around me for me to try to go.

I with you all a safe ride and hope to be able to go next year.