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Kevin “KT” Maner

Name: Kevin Maner                       

Road Name:  KT

FNG Year:  2016

How many times have you been All the Way?  Twice all the way, 2020 (Southern Route Fuel Team) will make 3!   And how many times have you been a Participant?  Twice

On Which Route (Routes) did you ride? I have done the Southern Route all the way and as a participant.  I have done the Midway Route all the way and as a participant.

What is your favorite Run for the Wall memory?  My favorite RFTW memory was my FNG year.  I rode out to Ontario via a stop in Albuquerque where my oldest son lived.  He was moving back to Virginia and decided to make the trip across with me on the RFTW.  It was amazing to be an FNG with him that year.  Really made me proud to have other riders compliment my son’s dedication and attitude toward the mission.  I also rode in memory of a Rescue Swimmer brother that lost his battle to his demons and took his own life that year, he is one of the 22.  Seeing the outpouring of support and patriotism crossing the country was amazing. 

My Son and I the Morning we left Albuquerque.

Have you held any positions as a volunteer on the Run?  Not yet, Southern Route and Sandbox Fuel Team in 2020.

Are you a Military Veteran, or do you have a military background or a relationship with a member of the Military?  I spent 26 years in the Navy as a Helicopter Crewchief and a Rescue Swimmer, retired in 2006 as a Senior Chief Aviation Warfare Systems Operator.

Are you a Gold Star or Blue Star family member?  Blue Star dad x 3; USAF son, Navy and USAF son-in-laws.

What inspired you to participate in the RFTW the first time?  A Rescue Swimmer brother of mine has been all the way numerous times, he kept bringing it up and I kept putting it off.  Now that I have done it, I wish I had never hesitated. 

What brought you back?  Family, Patriotism, and Friendship

Have you participated in Rolling Thunder?  Yes, several times

Are you planning on participating in Rolling to Remember (the AMVETS event that replaces Rolling Thunder)?  Sandbox Route begins the morning of Rolling to Remember otherwise I would be there!

Give us a few words about “WHY YOU RIDE.”  I ride to remember, to honor, to ride for those who can’t.  I ride for my older brothers who are Vietnam Vets and to remember their brothers they lost

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