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May 12, 2020 – In Ontario – “Virtual Sitrep”

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jean, aka Mama G.  I was the Sit Rep Writer for the Central Route in 2019.  I was supposed to have the same position in2020.


This year we will try to do a virtual blog based on the Run from the last several years.


Every year there are hundreds of volunteers to get all get everyone cross country safely.   I thought I would give you definition of roles people play to get us cross country to DC.  I have also listed the number of how many for each.  Here is the list and remember these are all volunteers.


TEAMS (ahead of the pack)

Advanced road guard – 10 = first to go out and confirm there are no issues on the roads. Ex: detours, traffic issues, … even have been known to clear some debris off the road to keep us safe.  They will also be the ones at all road exchanges, so everyone makes the turns.

Staging – 26 = Get to the next stop ahead of the pack and set up for each platoon to be staged.

Fuel – 26 = They get to the gas station and clear all pump for the platoons to come in.  There is no one at the gas pump when we arrive.  They, along with the road guards, direct the pack how to get to the pumps and leaving the pumps

Ambassador – 15 = Thanking the people on the bridges or in the towns for coming out and supporting the Run.

Hydration – 8 – They carry water, Gatorade, snack and are at every gas stop.  All donated by someone or organization

Registration – 8 = In every city, they are there when we arrive, and every morning before we leave.   Since not everyone can ride 10 days, many will ride only a few day.  This team gets them signed up.

Merchandise team – 2 = travels with the Run selling t-shirts and other trinkets

State coordinator – Total 20 for the length of the run. Usually 1 -2 per state.

The Pack Formation:

Missing man- Route Coordinator (RC) , state coordinator, person representing the missing man, missing man coordinator, chaplain

Road guard – 30-35 = they have many jobs: stop traffic on all entrance ramps, guides us thru towns at each intersection, help direct at fuel stops, and whatever it takes to keep us safe.

6 pack – 6-8 = Assistant Route coordinator (ARC), mentor (this is the RC from last year), leadership (Jenny, Lee Larry and Jean), any dignitary, …. this changes daily. Could be the mayor, POW… we never know who will be there leg to leg.

Platoons – 15-25 = each platoon has a platoon leader, assistant platoon leader and 2 tail gunners.  In the middle are all the participants.  There are usually 10-20 platoons

Communication team – 3 – talk to truckers and 1 in back of the pack.

Medical team – 6 – there for any injuries or illnesses

Chaplains – 8 = this is a very key role.  Many are on this for healing.  Many remember comrades lost in war.  This is a very emotional trip for everyone.

Last man – 1 – conveys to RC when the last bike is on the road/ expressway

Sit Rep Reporter – 1 – This person gives a summary of the day

Chase vehicles – 4 to 5 = They have trailer and will pick up anyone running out of gas (yes this does happen) or break downs.



If you add all this up, it is around 160 people that have roles

Participants = 15-25 per platoon – so 200-250

At any given time, we are at 350-450 riding as a unit.

Additional Terms: 

Blue Star Family – a family with a member currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States

Gold Star – family member that has died during a Military Operation


“Gunny” Gregory (Founder) and his wife “Patty-o” are always around.  He never forgets a face.  Great Couple!!!!

The few days prior to leaving is like a great big family reunion.  It is always great to connect with all those we rode with years prior!!

Quote for the Day: 

You are not forgotten

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  1. Excellent explanation of all the folks who make RFTW work. I don’t know about never not knowing a face.

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