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Midway Route Coordinator January Newsletter

Ruby and I wish for each of you that the New Year will bring much happiness and may each day bring you bountiful blessings!
 Happy New Year to all my RFTW Family!

Welcome FNGs!!  We now have 49 registered.  Our FNG Coordinator plans to hold another Zoom Call on the 13th of January at 5PM Pacific Time.  The announcement and zoom link is on the Midway Facebook Page.  Additionally, each of you should have received an email from Roger with the information.  Please, check your spam folder if you have not seen the invite.  Look forward to seeing all of you on the call!

This is the last month for early registration.  In reviewing the registration list there is a significant amount of our leadership who have yet to registered.  I received a volunteer form last week from a person who had not yet registered. Couldn’t even find a phone number to contact that person to discuss the position applied for.   Registration is important to give us contact information and accurate planning numbers for the State Coordinators.  I encourage all of you to register now!

The hotel list was published on January 1.  I have not heard of any issues or problems with making reservations.   Hopefully, all of you have confirmed your reservations.  The Hotel coordinators do the tuff job of lining hotel rooms up for the Group.  Carol Olmstead in Ontario, Ca, Jerry Wilkins for Midway Route, and Gail Dipple in Washington, DC—-Kudos to you all for a great Job!!!

Fund raising is ongoing.  Congratulations to Marcus “Watcher” Power on his win of the $1000.00 Cash Drawing in December.  We have two opportunities coming up.  Gina has published on our Facebook Page the information for the Super Bowl football board that we do every year as a fund raiser.  A square is $25.00 or you can get 5 for the bargain price of $100.00.  The winning square at the end of each quarter gets a $100.00 Walmart gift card.  The end of game is the fourth quarter—-NO OVERTIME!!!  All the money raised goes toward fuel for the Midway Route.  Additionally, we plan to do another Cash drawing for a $1000.00 to be drawn at the all hands meeting the Monday before our departure from Ontario. Watch for this flyer on the Face book page coming soon!!!!

The leadership is in the final phases of Route planning:  Equipment orders/ Itinerary publication/fuel stops/activities within each State.  Our Route is about 99% solidified in all of those areas.  The leadership can look forward to ZOOM CALLS TO START MONTHLY TO ENSURE COMMUNICATIONS AND ROUTE COORDINATION IS COMPLETE!

I am excited that we are only 125 days from Ontario!!!!  I look forward to all of you there!!!  Between now and then get out and ride to get in condition and most of all be safe & Healthy!!!


Don ’10-A-See” King

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