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RFTW BoD Town Hall Zoom Call – Focus on Registration

99 RFTW Participants – registered or not!

RFTW Registration is going well, and we are within 1% of the number registered at this time last year.  Early Bird Registration ends in just 14 days after which the regular fee structure will go into place.  If you are planning to join the Run for 1 leg, 1 day or all the way, you should register now to to take advantage of the reduced fee and to help ensure the State Coordinators early planning numbers are accurate.

We would like to offer another Town Hall Zoom Call before that changeover with a focus on current registration status, the registration process and to answer your questions about the process.  At this meeting I will present current info and data analysis on our participant demographics, with comparison to 2022 and 2023’s data along with a very detailed rundown of the registration and check-in processes.  I’d also like to hear your comments and suggestions about the registration process as we continuously try to make it more user friendly and efficient.   Our Director of Risk Management (and Registration), Lance “Batman” Wheeler wrote a very informative newsletter about the Day Rider Registration Process (linked here) – the details of that process will also be presented.  Finally, we’ll talk about participant check-in for Ontario and on the road.  Below is a snapshot showing some of the data we’ll be covering:

If you’ve ridden only one Route, how much do you know about the great Mission contributions made across the others?  As an added bonus for this Town Hall Zoom Call, the Route Coordinators for each Route will present some interesting info about their Routes that you may not know.  Together, all the Routes broadcast, amplify and promote across the country our Mission of honor to our Missing, support for MIA/KIA families, care for our Veterans, loyalty to our current Service Members.  One Family, One Heart, One Mission, Four Routes.

Here are the details for the date, time, and place for this RFTW Board of Directors Town Hall Zoom Call…

RFTW BoD Town Hall Zoom Call
Thursday, 25 January 2024
8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 6pm Mountain / 5pm Pacific
ZOOM Meeting Link:  CLICK HERE

The Meeting will start promptly on time and is expected to run about 90 minutes.  We are all looking forward to a very positive meeting with good discussions on how we can all work together to make RFTW XXXIV the best Run ever!  I hope to see you all online for the call!


Billie "Bugs" DunlapBillie “Bugs” Dunlap
Run For The Wall
Vice-President & Chairman of the Board
RFTW XXXII SandBox Route Coordinator
RFTW XXXI Southern Route Coordinator


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