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Midway Route Coordinator News – May 2019

It’s May!

The long awaited departure date is in sight, May 15, 2019, three routes one mission!

I wish to extend a special thank you and recognition to the following State Coordinators, who unselfishly and tirelessly planned their state events to ensure a welcoming and memorable experience:

Carol Olmstead, California State Coordinator
Roy Meek, Arizona State Coordinator
Tina Reeves, New Mexico State Coordinator
Daniel Stewart, Texas State Coordinator
Dennis Freie, Oklahoma State Coordinator
Ron King, Tennessee State Coordinator
Christina Roulston, Arkansas State Coordinator
Richard House, North Carolina State Coordinator
Shelia Tyus, Virginia State Coordinator
John Staub, Washington DC Coordinator

There are many individuals who assisted the State Coordinators and are too many to list. Our sincere thanks and gratefulness is extended to everyone behind the scenes who have made this mission a success. A tremendous amount of work went into each state, each event, and each day. Please extend your gratitude to these individuals when you cross paths. We could not do anything without their hard work, diligence, planning, time and insight.

We have some great leadership along the route. Please adhere to the guidance and instructions of Leadership, particularly Road Guards and Platoon Leaders.

See you in Ontario, CA!


Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner Jr.
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”

1 thought on “Midway Route Coordinator News – May 2019

  1. Thx Glenn. How can we thank our new state coordinators for all they’ve done? My opinion. By (1) doing our part to make the Run memorable in the best possible way. I make a point if making sure my platoon knows to police their act at all times. Never leave a trace for someone else to have to clean up. (2) by being kind, considerate and thankful for all the volunteers that give their time and efforts to helping us complete the mission.