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Midway Route Coordinator News – September 2018

Fellow Riders & Participants;
We have a good majority of the 2019 Leadership in-place. There are some vacancies to be filled in Fuel Crew and Staging Crew. Platoons are being managed and assigned by Dan Sifford, via Midway RC and ARC. If interested in a position, write to me on your experience and qualifications. Your interest will be reviewed and discussed with leadership.
Our newly appointed State Coordinators are doing a magnificent job in taking on their new roles within their perspective states. You will see changes in Arizona, New Mexico and North Carolina stops and participation. Not to lessen the other State Coordinators role, as they too are critical in the overall success of our mission, but there will not be any major changes that we know of at the time of this writing.
Ken Dugas, ARC and Richard Schultz, Road Guard Captain, are working earnestly on developing and correcting our route, times, distances and stops. Together they have honed the route to improve our time and rest stops.
Tony Stokely, Hotel Coordinator, continues to try and improve our nightly stops. Some will improve, others will remain unchanged. A lot of this has is due to the cost to riders and hotel availability. Tony has worked hard in negotiating what is best for every one. We support and applaud his efforts.
2019 Midway RFTW should continue to provide great leadership and every effort to improve the mission. Please continue to follow the website for updates, participate in the Forum and local events promoting our mission. Try to encourage other riders to participate in this mission, you know there will be no regrets.
Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner Jr.,
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”