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RFTW SR RC Newsletter – SEPTEMBER 2018 – Part 1

Greetings from Fort Worth, Texas!

Yes, I’m writing from Fort Worth having returned just this past weekend from the RFTW All Route Kerrville Reunion. Cowboy and Sam and the cast of family supporting the effort outdid themselves again in presenting the best Kerrville Reunion EVER! The weather didn’t cooperate like we all hoped it would, but you can’t rain out the Run and you can’t rain out the spirit of the Mission which was obviously as strong as it was last May.

Besides the Reunion, your Southern Route Leadership Team has been hard at work coordinating the events and support leading up to next May. We are very close to announcing the entire Platoon Leadership assignments, but in the meantime, your RFTW XXXI Platoon Leaders have been assigned as follows…

Six Pack:          Don “Mid-Wife” Jordan

1st Platoon:     Lennie “Big Red” Hodson

2nd Platoon:   Ralph “Sidewinder” Sorenson

3rd Platoon:    Mike “COB” Pittman

4th Platoon:    Robert “Old School” Reavis

5th Platoon:    David “Buzz” Mullen

6th Platoon:   Adam “Copper” McElroy

7th Platoon:    Van “Silk Tie” Robinson

8th Platoon:   George “Mr. Magic” Howard

9th Platoon:   Dennis “Pop” Schwartz

10th Platoon:  Angie “Den Mother” Uhler

The Assistant Platoon Leaders and Tailgunners are being notified now and the full list will be published very soon.

I’ve also sent out a coordination message to all the Southern Route State Coordinators looking for information concerning their areas of responsibility and information about their team supply requirements. If you are a State Coordinator or Assistant and you don’t have an e-mail in your inbox from me, please contact me ASAP.

On another note, online Registration for RFTW XXXI is open and the on-line geedunk store is stocked and ready to take your orders. At last report, there were almost 200 folks already pre-registered across all routes. The incentive to register online is even greater this year in that on-site registration will now be $50 – online registration remains at $30. Don’t wait – register now!

Finally, I want to express how proud I am to be a part of this family. Regardless of your politics, or what brand of motorcycle you ride or whether you say pee-cann or pee-cahn, it just doesn’t matter when we get together to reinforce the bonds that make us strong. And those bonds are STRONG! I can’t tell you how many people have told me – “I’ll do any job you need me to do!” and they mean it! Those are the folks with their eye on the mission and know that ALL the jobs are important. I challenge all of you who look forward to May, to keep in mind that the Mission goes on year ‘round and the job you do to advance that mission is just as important now as it will be then.

Watch for Part 2 coming soon…

Bugs out!

Billie “Bugs” Dunlap

Southern Route Coordinator

Run For The Wall XXXI

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  1. I would like to be on the fueling team for the mid or southern route. Who do I contact to volunteer?