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Midway Route Coordinator- Newsletter- April 2020

Good Times!

Greetings RFTW Family!

RFTW XXXII may be postponed but we are continuing to work on our 2020 mission.  Our Midway leadership team is continuing to build, what I am calling, our “Book of Midway”.  This is a system that will contain all the important information that is needed to coordinate and construct our Midway route from year to year.  Our unsung heroes, the State Coordinators, will be playing a vital role in its success and implementation. The goal is to build consistency on how things are done for our route through all the states we cross and will greatly help with the transition of leadership positions and the sustainability of our route.   Once accomplished, it will make our route more efficient and benefit RFTW for many years to come.  Also, I have updated our Midway contact list on the website.  The only people listed on that list is leadership who have replied to my request to confirm their commitment to serve on Midway 2021.  There are MANY open positions! Please go to that list and see if you are on it.  If you are not, it means that I have not received your notification and you do not have the position.  Please let me know that you are available to come back and serve in the position for 2021.  At that time, we can confirm your position and add you to the list.  I hope to have you all return to our team for 2021.  We are moving forward!

Speaking of moving forward, I am very excited to announce our Tennessee ALL ROUTE reunion!  It is our first reunion of its kind and I feel it is very appropriate, especially for a year where our RFTW route has been postponed until 2021.  Hopefully, this Covid-19 pandemic will be over and we will be good to go. We are calling it our “Tour of Tennessee Reunion”.  Like the other reunions, it will be an “unofficial” – “non-sanctioned” event.  However, it will be like a mini RFTW route over the 4th of July weekend.  We made sure that this reunion did not conflict with Angel Fire this year and want to encourage ALL ROUTES to join us for this reunion.  The reunion will begin on July 2nd with nightly stops in Memphis, Franklin and Cookeville.  Communities will host us; we will visit TN veteran’s cemetery and memorials. We will have wreath laying ceremonies and visit VA hospitals and finish with a big finale dinner in Cookeville.  Cookeville will also have a large fireworks display that evening. We will have plenty to do to socialize and visit with our RFTW family with nights of food, drinks and music at Kimbro’s Picking Parlor, BBQ at Rendezvous, free time on Beale Street and Downtown Nashville just to name a few things.  I have included the entire agenda with hotel info for your review.  All hotel blocks are open at this time and will close on June 4th.

You may register for this event on the RFTW.US website under the Midway Hub.  The following link will also take you to the registration: LINK.  The fee is $25/PP plus other fees for the events you choose to attend.  Fees need to be paid in advance for planning purposes.

Pay via VENMO to: @Gina-Cutrer-1
Make a Check to: Gina Cutrer  write reunion in the memo.
Mail Check to:  Reunion,  33538 Nancy Drive, Walker, LA 70785
 If any excess money is collected, it will go to the Tennessee tornado relief fundraiser. 


With much respect and gratitude,
Ken “Six String” Dugas
Midway Route Coordinator

2020 Tour of Tennessee Reunion
Hosted by Midway Route
2 July – 4 July, 2020

Come join the fun in Tennessee over 4th July weekend.  We will be riding halfway across the State of Tennessee.  Planned activities include 2 wreath laying ceremonies, Song Writers Night Out, Moonshine Harley Davidson Dealer party, visit two VA hospitals and ride into Cookeville for dinner and 2nd largest firework show in Tennessee, open evenings in Memphis and Nashville, and – and – and.

Hotel reservation blocks are open and closes 4 June 2020.

Memphis, TN (2 July 2020)
Crown Plaza Memphis Downtown
300 N. Second Street., Memphis, TN 38103
Reservation Number:  1-901-525-1800
Group Rate: $119.00)
Group Name: Run-For-The-Wall

Franklin, TN (3 July 2020)
Drury Plaza Hotel
1874 West McEwen Ave., Franklin, TN 37067
Reservation Number:  1-800-325-0720
Group Number:  2413591  (Rate $134.00)
Group Name:  Veteran’s Reunion Run-For-The-Wall

Cookeville, TN (4 July 2020)
Country Inn & Suites
1151 S. Jefferson Ave., Cookeville, TN 38506
Reservation Number:  1-931-525-6668
Group Rate $85.00
Group Name:  Reunion Run-For-The-Wall


Thursday, 2 July
1400 – 1700                 Lobby Registration
1815 – 1825                 Meet in lobby for move to Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous (Ribs & BBQ)
1830 – 2100                 Dinner Rendezvous ($36.00 ea.) {52 S. 2nd Street} or  On Your Own!
1830 – until                  Open Beale Street Music and Blues

Friday, 3 July
0630 – 0730                 Lobby Registration
0700 – 0900     Hot Breakfast @ Hotel
0930 – 0945                 Hotel Parking Garage Stage (Rider Meeting)
1000 – 1145                 I-40 to Exit 108 Parkers Crossroad, TN State Veterans Cemetery
1200 – 1215     Lay Wreath (693 Wildersville Road, Wildersville, TN)
1230 – 1345     Marathon Fuel/Lunch Subway $7.00 ea. (1:15 Fuel/Lunch Stop)
1400 – 1645     Ride to Host Hotel Franklin, TN
1715 – 1800                 Lobby Reception / Registration
1830 – 1855     Stage & Ride to Kimbro’s ($10.00 ea. cover / open bar & food)
1900 – until      Song Writers @ Kimbro’s Picking Parlor, Franklin, TN
1900 – until                On your own Downtown Or Grand Ole Opry. Buy your tickets online!

Saturday, 4 July 2020
0630 – 0730                 Lobby Registration
0700 – 0900     Hot Breakfast @ Hotel
0900 – 1100                 Breakout to VA Hospital Downtown (Limited to 20 Bikes)
1030 – 1045     Hotel Parking Stage for ride to Moonshine Harley Davidson
1045 – 1100     Ride to Moonshine Harley Davidson (Free Lunch)
1100 – 1215     MoonShine HD (1:15 Lunch)
1215 – 1230     Stage for ride to Murfreesboro VA
1230 – 1330                 Ride to Murfreesboro VA Hospital (01:00 Visit)
1430 – 1500                 Ride to Lebanon Veterans Memorial/Museum (01:00 Visit)
1500 – 1630                 Breakout to Cookeville Tornado Damage then Dinner (One Platoon)
1500 – 1600                 Lay Wreath at Lebanon Veterans Memorial
1600 – 1610                Stage for ride to Cookeville
1615 – 1715                 Ride to Cookeville
1715 – 1800                 Reception and Dinner provided by Cookeville

Sunday, 5 July 2020
0700 – 0900     Hot Breakfast @ Hotel
1100                            Check-out