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Southern Route Coordinator News – April 2020 Early Edition

Hello to the Southern Route Faithful

Usually at this time I am beginning my annual mad thrash getting everything ready for another Run on the Southern Route.  But now, I am working to make sure we haven’t forgot to cancel all of the 1001 things related to the postponement of RFTW XXXII to 2021.

Let’s just say, at the least, we are all disappointed by this.  Many have said that we could have just delayed it for a week, a month, or two or three.  Uncertainty is the only thing that is certain now and when the decision was made.  Some have talked about making plans to “go anyway”.  I believe in your dedication, BUT it is way, way to early to make any kind of plans.  The best thing you can do now is keep Yourselves and Families heathy, follow the guidelines for your area and support your community.

I would like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to ALL of our supporters across this Wonderful Country.  Especially to our State Coordinators, who work mostly behind the scenes, they are our Unsung Heroes.  They coordinate our local supporters who provide us so much in the way of meals, hotel contacts, fuel and fundraising.  State Coordinators are literally our boots on the ground.  Hopefully a lot of their hard work can slide right into 2021

Our engagement with others we meet along the way is a cornerstone of our Mission.  Support is not a one-way street; we also give back to the local communities.  Since we won’t be able to fundraise in the usual ways, we have setup a donation page on the RFTW Facebook page.  An explanation of how the funds will be used is there. The schools and students can certainly use our generosity in these hard times.