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Midway Route Coordinator – Newsletter – January update #3

Greetings RFTW Midway Family!

I am pleased to announce the completion of our Midway Itinerary book for 2020.  It is now posted on our RFTW.US website under the Midway Hub. I would like to thank our State Coordinators, ARC,  Road Guard Captain and Connie Williams for their assistance with this important planning and project.  I would encourage you all to check it out.  The new website looks fantastic! As a Road Guard and Road Guard Captain, I have always focused on the safety of our pack and defined the success of our mission by our representation of our mission and getting everyone to Washington DC safely. As Route Coordinator, I continue to focus on the safety of our riders and success for our mission. This year, I have put together a safety briefing for Midway and have added it to our itinerary book. Please read and understand it. My goal is to make sure that everyone receives a consistent and thorough understanding of our safety guidelines and procedures no matter where or when they join us!

I have received several complements about the hotel registrations.  Our hotel coordinator, Jerry Wilkins, worked very hard on this and I am glad to hear most people are having good experiences with making their hotel reservations.  If you have not made your reservations, the hotel list is also posted on the Website under Midway Hub.  I encourage you to make your reservations ASAP.

Speaking of hotels, I would like to let you know that our $1000 hotel raffle fund raiser has covered the cost of the prize.  We are now in the profit stage so all money received from this point on will go to pay for our Midway fuel.   Except for Ontario and Arlington, this fundraiser should pay for your hotels across the country!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have your hotel costs covered?  The cost per ticket is $10.00 or you can purchase 10 tickets for $50.00!  If you purchase $100.00 worth, you will get 25 tickets.    If you purchase 10 tickets or more before the end of February, you will receive 2 extra tickets (per 10) for free.  The tickets will be capped at 30 per person.  I ask that you support this if you are able.  The raffle tickets will be given to you in Ontario and the drawing will be in Hopewell, VA.  If you would like to purchase the Hotel raffle tickets, please make check out to RFTW and send to:

Ken Dugas

9849 Loblolly Pines Lane

Denham Springs, La. 70726

You may also electronically send the money through Zelle.  Use my phone 225-405-2735.  Please send me an email at to let me know if you are sending money.

Fundraising is so important for our mission.  I want to thank everyone who is working on fundraising and all of you who support their efforts!  I would like to share another example of what people do for our Mission.  Bob “Captain” Mazzone is Southern route’s RGC.  He has made beautiful stained-glass tributes to RFTW for each route.  These works of art will be raffled off and the proceeds will be going to support the schools that support our mission.  Thank you Captain for sharing your talents and generosity with us!  Tickets for this will be sold out of the merchandise trailer beginning in Ontario.

Our Camping Coordinator position has been filled.  Welcome Darlene “Rachel” Taylor to the leadership team.  Thank you for volunteering to serve in this capacity for our mission.

I have begun the dreadful task of exercising! Lol!  Unfortunately, I am not in my best shape but will be working on that.. May will be here before you know it.  I encourage you all to take care of yourself and make sure you and your bike are in good shape for this mission.    The journey is much easier and enjoyable when you are in good shape.

Pre-registration for Midway is now over 220 bikes.  Please register if you have not done so.  Pre-registration helps us plan and be better prepared.

If you are a team leader, please make sure that you are checking the leadership list on the Midway Hub on RFTW.US.  Make sure your list is accurate and notify me if any changes or additions need to be made. 

Have I told you lately…………….. I love my RFTW Midway Family!  😊

Honor, Hope & Healing


Ken “Six String” Dugas
Midway RC