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Why I Ride- Terri “Grumpy” Slyder

Name: Terri Slyder
Road Name: Grumpy
FNG Year: 2008

How many Runs have you participated in?

All the Way: 11
Participant: 1
Always Central Route

Run for the Wall FNG 2008

What is your favorite Run for the Wall memory?

It was 2009 and my second year on the Run.  We were in Angel Fire and the resort was serving us a spaghetti dinner.  I was running late to dinner and when I got there most of the people had already eaten and left.  I got my food and looked for a place to sit down.  I saw one of the riders in the corner of the room with his back to the corner.  I knew this position well so I went over and asked if I could join him.  He allowed me to sit down and for a short while we sat in silence.  Then it happened, he began telling me all about the time he served what he went through and what he saw.  He told me of times with his brothers in arms that made us laugh and times in battle that made us cry.  He talked for hours and I listened.

Grumpy on the Run for the Wall

The resort workers were trying to close the room, so we knew our time had to come to an end.  He thanked me for listening and told me that he spoke of things that he had never told anyone and had not spoken of since they happened in Vietnam.  I told him that it was my pleasure and that I was honored to have the chance to listen.

We rode together for many years on the Run but never talked about that evening again and we didn’t need to, we had a connection that did not need to be addressed.

Positions held as a volunteer on the Run?  Tailgunner, Platoon Leader, Registration, State Coordinator, Camping Coordinator, Registration Database Coordinator.

Military Background if any or relationships with Military: I’m not military.   My Father served in the Army and my Son served in the Army and is currently serving in the Army National Guard, he had a total of over 18 years of service.

Gold Star or Blue Star family member?  I am a Blue Star Mom.

What got you to do the RFTW the first time?  I was drawn to it which I really didn’t understand but I thought it would be a way that I could show support to my Son and all of our military personnel.

What brought you back?  My first year was not good in any way.  Bike broke down, platoon was a mess and only got to know one person who was also an FNG in 2008.  Prior to 2009 this friend was killed on her bike when someone made a left turn in front of her.  I returned because of the glimpse of what I saw the Run could be and I found that it is more than I could have ever imagined.

Have you participated in Rolling Thunder?  No

Are you planning on Rolling to Remember (AMVETS Replacement for Rolling Thunder)?  No

Brief synopsis of “WHY YOU RIDE”
I ride for my Son, I ride for the friends I have on the Run who have served, I ride for those who need to ride and choose not to or don’t know that they need to ride, I ride for the friend who was killed, I ride for the friend I made at Angel Fire, I ride for the friends I have yet to make and I ride for those who can’t.

Anything else to Add??
I wish to thank those who have supported me physically, emotionally and financially, which has allowed me ride on the Run year after year.  I love you more than you know.

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