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Midway Route December 2022 Newsletter

Midway Route Coordinator News

My name is Jerry Wilkins, and I have been honored by the Run For The Wall (RFTW) Board of Directors by being appointed as the 2023 Midway Route Coordinator. This will be my first newsletter, with many more to follow.

I ride this year in memory of my Father, my Hero, Robert B. Wilkins, WW II Army Veteran.

In early 2004 Glen “Wombat” Waggoner, 2019 Midway Route Coordinator, told me about Run For the Wall. I participated in 2004. Upon my return I told my wife, Patti, I had participated in an event greater than anything else I have ever been involved in. I am not a Veteran. I knew in my heart and soul; this is a manner in which I could say thank you to those who have given so much to our Freedoms. Due to work restrictions, I was not able to go All The Way until 2011. Since that time, I have volunteered 2010 – 2013 as Central Route Fuel Team, Tailgunner and Fuel Team Lead, 2014 – 2019 Midway Route as Fuel Team Tailgunner and Fuel Team Lead, Asst. Advance Team Lead, Advance Team Lead, 2020 – and 2022 Midway Assistant Route Coordinator.

The Midway Route is not just a route but is a FAMILY. We have developed a family culture over the years and I intend to carry on that tradition. We don’t just say the words; it is part of our culture. We have a “servant leadership” that is there to help you get safely across the country. Everyone, whether in a leadership position or not, is here to answer your questions. The route is about you and the Mission and not about leadership. Everyone’s safety is of utmost importance.

Earlier this month, Midway Route long time supporters Bill and Cathy Clark, Merchandise Lead and Quartermaster informed RFTW they would not be able to participate in 2023. I would like to personally thank Bill and Cathy for many years of Service to Run For The Wall. For those of you interested in taking over this awesome task and giving back to the Run, feel free to contact me directly at

Midway Route needs you to consider volunteering to help with both Staging and Promotions teams. The Staging process will be changed for 2023. Staging has come into the modern era with changes to the platoon placement markings making the job physically easier and less stressful. We will improve hydration opportunities and provide medical support. Staging is such an important aspect of daily organization on the route and we need your help. Please contact Gina Cutrer by email at or call her directly at 225-202-5328. If you would like to volunteer for any position on Midway Route, please fill out the Volunteer Request Form (CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER). Between now and May 2023 there will be openings on different teams. By volunteering now, you will be on the ready list to be asked to join a team.

It is my Honor and Privilege to announce Don “Ten-A-See” King as Assistant Route Coordinator, Leo “Rucksack” Rachmel as Road Guard Captain and Ryan ‘Pipes” Long as Assistant Road Guard Captain. I know each of them personally and we all ride for the Mission.

Hope that all MIA and POW’s find closure
Honor all KIA
Healing for our Veterans and the 22 per day

Mission First.

Jerry “Corp” Wilkins
“Service Before Self”
RFTW 2023 Midway Route Coordinator
Four Routes, One Mission!

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