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President’s Message – January 2023

Happy New Year!!!

2022 is finally behind us, and as I write this, we are 133 days from KSU, and the preparations for Run XXXIII are moving along.  The hotel lists were published on 1 January, and reports are that room reservations are moving along at a rapid pace.  Hats off to our State Coordinators, whose countless hours establishing the critical support for each route make this process so easy for us!!

Speaking of 2023, if you haven’t yet registered, I encourage you to do so before 1 February when the registration fee goes up.  Currently, our registration numbers are ahead of last year. Since the accuracy of our registration numbers drive the State Coordinators planning, if you haven’t yet registered, please CLICK HERE to register today!

One thing I ask all of you to help us with is the recruitment of new riders.  Our age demographics continue to show older riders as the majority.  Our concern is that without an influx of younger veterans and riders, we may eventually get to a point where it is difficult to host four routes.  We need to CONTINUE THE MISSION!!!  In order to CTM, we need younger participants, we need to mentor those younger participants for leadership positions.  We need to expand our outreach to veteran organizations, to military organizations, to those who care and support our Mission.  We have presentation templates so that the message we carry to outside organizations is consistent and meet the intent of RFTW.  I encourage you all to reach out to your local VFW, American Legion, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, and others to recruit new riders.  Remember, it isn’t simply about going All the Way; it is about making a statement through participation!!  Whether you ride one leg, three days, or ATW, we need our voices and the voices of those who cannot ride, to be raised and heard at the highest level.  We Ride for Those Who Can’t!!!

Finally, now is the perfect time to not only get your bike prepared for the Run, but to prepare yourself.  I’m not big into new year resolutions, but I firmly believe that physical fitness plays a huge role in a successful and fulfilling Run.  With 133 days to KSU, now is a perfect time to get a health checkup, to begin a fitness regimen so that you are prepared for the Ride.  Those on CR last year well remember leaving Barstow with temps at 68° and arriving in Needles for lunch with temps hovering around 106°.  It was a demanding ride, requiring hydration, focus and preparation.  A fit body can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing, and riding through these types of conditions are certainly challenging.  Let’s all be prepared for what lies ahead.

I sincerely hope 2023 brings you and your family joy, happiness, peace and fulfillment.


John “Turkey” Staub
Acting President, RFTW, Inc.
2011- CR FNG
2012 – CR Participant
2013 – CR Staging Team
2014 – 2015 – CR Staging Team Ass’t. Lead
2016-2017 – CR Staging Team Lead
2022 – CR Platoon Coordinator
2020 – Present – RFTW BoD member

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