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Midway Route RC Newsletter — October 2022

A part of our Run for the Wall mission is to “support our military personnel” and to “promote healing among all veterans and their families and friends”. As an opportunity to fulfill these tenants, we are excited to announce that Midway Route is visiting the US Army Installation in Lawton, Oklahoma known as Fort Sill, the FIRES Center of Excellence. For those of you who may not know, Fort Sill is the home of Air Defense and Field Artillery for the US Army and the only US Marine Corps Field Artillery MOS School. Today Fort Sill is one of only four US Army basic combat training locations turning nearly 17,000 civilians into soldiers every year.  Plans for the various activities there are all completed or nearly completed. We should have a full law enforcement escort from the time we enter Oklahoma to the time we leave Oklahoma. We hope to have active duty military personnel from Fort Sill ride with us as registered riders. What an honor that would be. Often civilians and military personnel living on or near large military installations in the U.S. become less sensitized as to how important their roles are in the big picture. We hope to bring more awareness to their importance in our daily lives and to honor them for their service to our country. A few of the planned activities are: The Tribes located within the Fort Sill area are planning to participate during our lunch at the Field Artillery Museum providing the Honor Guard, the presentation of an authentic tribal dance and, finally, the blessing of our bikes. A couple of Outreach activities are also in the planning process.

This year, we are blessed to have resources available to us at Fort Sill to plan and execute this event. This has been a collaborative effort with personnel at Fort Sill and the Tribes in the area and the City of Lawton community leaders along with our Oklahoma State Coordinators. I would also like to announce that Mike “Heavy” King has accepted the position as Mazz’s Assistant State Coordinator for Oklahoma. Thank all of you for your willingness to volunteer for the challenge of exploring and planning for new and exciting opportunities for our riders and to keep the mission viable. We hope to build on the possibilities of keeping the Run for the Wall relevant and meaningful for the future.

Speaking of opportunities and volunteers, I am pleased to announce that Gina Cutrer has accepted the position of Staging Lead and will co-lead with Promotions in 2023. Gina has had experience with staging and promotions over the last few years. She is asking if you would you consider volunteering to help with both staging and promotions. The Staging process will be changed for 2023. Staging has come into the modern era with changes to the platoon placement markings making the job  physically easier and less stressful. We hope to improve hydration opportunities and provide medical support. Staging is such an important aspect of daily organization on the route and we need your help. Please contact Gina Cutrer by email at or call her directly at 225-202-5328.

Click here for the volunteer link.

I am pleased to announce the Midway Route will have two fundraiser activities for this coming year that were successes last year. Our Promotions Team Leaders for 2023 are Gina Cutrer and Randy “Mullet” Olgion. The first is the HOTEL DRAWING. This was an awesome fundraiser in 2022 and we are doing it again. The prize is $1000 which is approximately the amount it will take to pay for most of your hotel expenses or anything you need. The money raised from this drawing will go to support our adopted schools and our fuel stops.

The cost per ticket is $10.00 or you can purchase seven tickets for $50.00! If you purchase $100.00 worth, you will get 20 tickets. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy. If you would like to purchase HOTEL DRAWING tickets, please make a check out to RFTW and send it to:

Gina Cutrer
33538 Nancy Drive
Walker, LA 70785

You may also use Venmo:

Our next fundraiser is the SUPER BOWL DRAWING. It is early, however, we are beginning to make an effort to raise the money to support the fuel cost for every rider on the Midway Route this year by conducting various fundraising activities. So, we are offering a Super Bowl Football Board opportunity to support the Midway Route fuel costs. Winners will be receiving a gift card to use during the 2023 RFTW ride.

Buy a Super Bowl 2023 square for $25.00 or $100.00 buys you 5 squares or buy as many entries as you like! The winning square at the end of each Quarter will receive a $100.00  Walmart Gift Card. End of game score is the fourth quarter, no overtime.

 The Board will be filled out from the top to bottom and left to right based on the time and date of the receipt of your entry and payment. The numbers will be drawn from the hat after a board is complete, so there will be no particular order. All entries must be received by 31 January 2023.

How to enter:

  1. Send check made out to Midway Route Fuel to:
    Gina Cutrer
    33538 Nancy Drive
    Walker, LA 70785
  1. Or pay via:
    WWW.VENMO.COM (APP) to @Gina-Cutrer-1

Once the Board is filled and numbers assigned, the Board will be emailed prior to game start and posted to RFTW Facebook.  

Those receiving gift cards will be contacted the day after the game to ensure we have the correct contact information for mailing the gift card to you.

Thank you all for your continued generosity in this fundraising effort and GOOD LUCK. We appreciate and need your support for the Midway Route. If you want to help but do not want to participate in these drawings then please send a check to Run for the Wall-Midway Route to Gina Cutrer at her address listed above. Please do note “Midway Route” on your check.

The Homes For Our Troops Key Presentation Ceremony happened in Queen Creek, AZ on September 24,2022. RFTW was well represented at the event and I want to personally thank all of you who made the extra effort to attend this heartwarming event. Many of you traveled great distances and took time off work to be there. This home was presented to a well deserving combat wounded Marine and his family. Their daily lives will be made easier by having this fully adapted home. Thank you Yev Shenker and family for you sacrifices for our country.

The Cookeville, TN Slow Down/Outreach Day is planned with details forthcoming. There will be three Outreach opportunities that day with full law enforcement support and escort. Staging and Fuel Teams will have the day off. Remember, this is your day off to stay in town and relax or go on an Outreach and relax. It is your day, you decide. Eventually, we will need to know how many riders will choose to go on each Outreach so we can plan LEO support and Road Guard support. I want to thank everyone who participated in the creative nature and planning of this new experience and opportunity for our Midway Route riders.


Jim “BRUZER” Bruzewski
Midway Route Coordinator 2023

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