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Ontario, CA and Washington DC Update

As we get closer to our arrival in Ontario, we wanted to provide you an update on conditions, expectations, and perhaps even a bit of rumor control regarding the host hotel in D.C.

As you know by now, our intrepid Carol has been working so many different opportunities in Ontario.  Her dedicated efforts led us to a new host hotel, use of the Elks club for a variety of purposes, and of course, the familiar Lot D.

One of the issues we seem to face each year as far back as I remember is construction on the highways and interstates.  Carol and Alan, our Merchandise Director, just last weekend made a trip in and around the area we will be traveling daily.  They asked that I provide a few notes to temper expectations.

Construction on I-10 continues.  While you can use I-10 to travel to and from the host hotel to the Elks Club, Bob Nelson, our Director of Operations, added a map to the Pre-Run Ontario itinerary available on our website by clicking here, that should aid in avoiding the construction on I-10.  However, even that route presents some challenges:

  • Patience rules. Anticipate heavy traffic between the host hotel and the Elks club.
  • As you prepare to make the left turn into the Elks club, there is a very short “landing strip” for vehicles to line up waiting to make the turn.
  • Be especially aware of dips in the road. They may not be much for a cage but could cause some problems if you are not riding aware.
  • Allow some extra time.
  • Elks Club members will be directing traffic and parking at the Club. There will be limited parking for cars and trucks, and NO trailers are allowed in the club parking lot.  Carol is working to secure on-street parking.
  • There should be sufficient parking for motorcycles in the Elks Club parking lot. Please follow the directions of the volunteers directing traffic and parking.
  • The merchandise and hydration trailers will be positioned at the host hotel.

And now for rumor control.

I am sure many of you have heard the rumor that the host hotel in D.C. is being torn down.  That is nothing more than a rumor at this point.  There is a move afoot to rezone the area in and around the host hotel, but the Arlington County zoning commission has delayed the meeting on more than one occasion and doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to meet.  There are numerous infrastructure issues to be addressed regarding rezoning that area.  IF, and right now that is a big if, the rezoning is approved, then the host hotel might be affected and IHG and the franchise owner will have to decide what lies in their future.  Could the property be sold?  Of course, but for now, there are no plans to do so.  Gail, our intrepid D.C./Arlington Coordinator is all over this topic.  Please help us stop the rumor.  Gail will provide us with updates as things occur, and we will of course notify you.

Bad weather seems to be playing out across many of the areas of our country.  Please take a moment to review your route out to CA, and ensure you are aware of necessary actions should you encounter bad weather enroute.  Our RCs are reviewing their plans; please review yours.  We want to see you arrive safely in Ontario!!!

Is it May yet?

TurkeyJohn “Turkey” Staub
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2012 – CR Participant
2013 – CR Staging Team
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