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President’s Message Apr 2015

Whoa! 30 days to kickstand up…

Take a minute and go over these “do’s” and “don’ts”:

  • DO be prepared to laugh, to cry, to have your breath taken away and to be humbled.
  • DO pack and re-pack your bikes at least twice over the next 4 weeks.
  • DO start hydrating NOW.
  • DO realize that there are volunteers ALL THE WAY across country who are anxiously awaiting and preparing for YOUR appearance and participation in the venues, honors and tributes that they have worked diligently to provide YOU.
  • DO give them the RESPECT to partake and pay attention to THEM. Thank you’s are highly appreciated.
  • DON’T forget to ‘ride your ride’ be safe. Not only during, but ‘to’ and ‘from’ the Run…
  • DON’T be late to any scheduled event (such as morning meetings)
  • DON’T forget The Mission, this is not about YOU, this is about THEM


  • “No Politics” = means no political speeches, arguments or debates, doesn’t mean you cannot have a political point of view, we don’t want to know about it!
  • “No Guns”= means no one ‘displays’ – we don’t want to see one, doesn’t mean you cannot have one!
  • “No Attitudes” = if you don’t know what this means, you probably have one and need to check it at the door, doesn’t mean you cannot have an attitude, just means we don’t want to see it or hear it!

A note to any FORUM MEMBERS who may receive an ‘anonymous’ email related to your participation on this Forum and Run. Yes, as others have identified we have an anonymous emailer who has been ‘working’ our website for a couple of months now. He/she is an internet ‘bottom-feeder’ who puts out garbage and then watches to see what effect/reaction it may have. This is a puppet-master sickness, attempting to demonstrate ‘control’ to themselves…. probably does not live in a real world with any control over his/her surroundings. “Pull on a string here, watch the legs move there.” I have been averaging a couple per week for months now.

Don’t let it bother you, that is the point. Don’t attempt to reply to these emails, the anonymous re-mail program has no capability to get it back to them even if they wanted it. Which she doesn’t really want direct interaction, she wants to show control.

After you receive your first it will be easy to ID future one(s), look at it this way, if you haven’t received an email from her, she doesn’t think she can ‘use’ you to react or act on her behalf. If you have got one from her, she is hoping to ‘use’ your reaction to feed the need.

We have discussed blocking ALL email addresses from being shown between Forum members in an attempt to effectively block him/her, but have come down on the side of open communication for all members and are just ignoring this person with the illness.

I apologize for this interruption in the rider camaraderie/repartee and warn all to be aware the he/she will probably be around for a while watching for success in her/his actions.