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President’s Message Dec 2014

I have seen a flurry of activity through the website registration tab. I believe we are approaching the two hundred pre-registered mark and it isn’t even Mid-December yet!! I believe I can assure everyone that the online pre-registration is OPEN.

Let’s check ’em off together:

  • Ontario Host Hotel communicated – ONTARIO RADISSON AIRPORT, Ontario, CA √
  • Ontario Launch site chosen and Hotels SELECTED √
  • Arlington National Cemetery Authorization OBTAINED  √
  • Route Coordinator’s 2015 messages UPDATED  √
  • 2014/2015 Store OPEN  √
  • Route Coordinator’s leadership teams ASSEMBLED  √
  • Pre-registration OPEN √
    • Do Not attempt to book a room until central-booking Phone number is announced on line through itineraries and Post.
  • Arlington HOST Hotel communicated – HOLIDAY INN-BALLSTON, Arlington, VA √
  • ‘Itineraries’ Posted—not yet, should be by New Year, Jan.1, 2015 (oops!)
  • Route ‘Contacts’ all Posted –Central, √; Southern, √; Midway, not yet (oops!)

Moving along, we expect the last wrinkles and details to all flush out over the next couple of weeks. The signs and hats and patches and lanyards and windshield banners and, and, and, are all on order. New 2015 Flyers, new promotional video and new products for the store are in various levels of completion and coming shortly. The hotels along each route have been selected, the gas stops on each route have all been selected, and negotiated with for RFTW rates. Your Platoon Leaders have been contacted, your advance teams are forming with fuelers and stagers and such, your Road Guards are re-cert’ing their skills and you Riders………….?

Let’s review the Rider’s checklist:

  1. Your riding skills? Get ’em ready
  2. Your Bike’s maintenance? Get it in shape
  3. Your travel gear? Pack and re-pack
  4. Your health? Biker UP! Cuz it will be;
    •  Hot
    • Cold
    • Wet
    • Long
    • Emotional

What? It’s 140 days to Kickstands up? …You mean its ONLY 140 days to kickstands up! It seems too far away and then it seems to be coming too quickly, just like Christmas.

Oh yeah! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to RFTW and supporters! And Happy New Year!

Remember our Mission and those whom we represent. God Bless our military and especially be with those who cannot be home during these Holidays.